Your Ego and Forgiveness

I was reading an article this morning about change and I reflected on all the change that surrounds us. There are changes in the economy, rental market, food prices, within the church; and then I stopped to reflect on the changes with my relationship with Jesus.

If you are not changing as much in your relationship with Him ask yourself what it is that you are doing or not doing that is the reason. You see; where you go with Him is up to you.The enemy will do everything he can to distract you from getting in relationship with Him, from giving your time to Him; and from reading your Bible. Have you ever noticed that when you want to read your Bible you have an itch, the dog needs to go out, you get tired, thirsty, people who haven’t called you in 50 years all the sudden do so; and the list goes on. Before you attempt to go to church you fight with your spouse, people drive slower, Starbucks line is too long to wait in because you want the good seat. Oh- and then you get there only to realize you forgot your Bible- and hers too. Perhaps you have been there. I hope you see the game. And no not the football game but rather the game the enemy is playing with your life. Forgive yourself for not seeing it; and then do something about it.

Time is running out and the message of forgiveness and love is a message that we must get and soon because life is changing before our very eyes. The only thing we have to give to Jesus is ourselves. And if you choose to give more time to your hobby than Him what will you have; more trophies? More trophies won’t do much for you in crisis. But He will!

And so I say all of this to say that when you set your mind on Him and the things above; you will start to see the snares. You will see the traps before you fall into them. There will always be another football game, another fashion trend, phone; another dance competition. There will always be another something to steal your time away from Him. That is what it’s designed to do. And when you see it and overcome it you will have victory. Your eyes will not bother with the things below because you and your heart will be set on the things above; the thing that is most important: your relationship with Him.

Don’t take it for granted. You would hate to turn back and He’s not there because you forsook Him. Go to Him while you still can; He is waiting.

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