Overcoming Lack Attack Through Forgiveness

It’s amazing how many in the body of Christ are living in lack yet try appear to look oh so happy sitting in Church two or three times each week. What is wrong with this picture? There is lack in health, lack in mindset, lack in self-control, lack in finances, lack in relationships, lack in peace; lack lack lack. The great news is that you can overcome lack through forgiveness. You can. How do I know? God’s Word proclaims it in Philippians 4:13 ‘For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.’ (NLV)

Now don’t get me wrong; I get it. I lived a full life of lack and the attack for longer than I wish to admit. I was the person who sat in the nice Southern Baptist Church and then the non-denominational church for 18 years and guess what? The entire time I lived in lack!  Now was it the fault of the church? Nope. It was my fault 1) I didn’t spend time in God’s Word outside of church, 2) I didn’t know how to apply His Word to my life, 3) I didn’t know the lack was not normal, 4) the depth my lack had on me, the people around me; and my future generations.

When everyone around you lives in lack you appear to be happy lackers and don’t even know it it’s hard to see anything different. And look around Body of Christ. Where is the wealth? People are leaving the church and there must be a reason why. It’s when you get it that you get it. It’s time to get free and build His Kingdom!  Everyone sitting there was all the same; and now I see it. But it took me a while. My prayer is that you see it ‘today’! I pray in the name of Jesus that the Spirit of Deep Sleep is removed NOW and that you are forever free- and that you can forgive!

What captured me then and even now is the cause of so many Christians living like the walking dead. I see it; and in fact I just prayed for 15 people who are professed Christians and churchgoers who are homeless, fearful about their futures, underemployed, hopeless-broke, busted, disgusted, distrusted and crusted. This is what they have believed their lives have become- all in the name of Jesus. What is so wrong that we have diminished God’s Word to mean to little- and then accept it. Remove the lies and the lack goes to.  That mindset and pain has left them all in pretty much the same place- living in lack and unforgiveness.

See; until you get that forgiveness is the key to everything you can just sit with your pitiful self. You won’t go anywhere- how can you? Let’s not forget it was Jesus that died for your sins- all the while asking the Father to forgive- and so how do you honestly think think that anything in your life would ever change should you not forgive? It simply will not happen. Trust me. So you can choose- life or death. Lack or forgiveness. Period. Just make a choice. And let me remind you- not choosing is still choosing.

I didn’t know the impact of lack on my life. I lived with such angst that I destroyed myself. But hey- I went to church! I will tell you that church won’t save you, your government won’t save you, and your psychologist can’t save you either. But Jesus can. Through forgiveness your life can be renewed. Acts 3:19 is clear: “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,” (NIV)  You can be restored to what you have lost or plainly just given away. You can stop the madness and the trying  and the idea of ‘If only I do this’ yeah sure. I did that and dated him- it didn’t work. It only created more lack.  But forgiveness will change that.

So let be straight in case you missed it. If you want abundance and not lack you need to forgive. If you want to overcome you need to forgive. If you claim to be a Christian and are not living in forgiveness it’s time to pick up your cross and start walking. There is no once saved always saved. It is today!   If you want to be blessed and grow in Christ- you need to forgive. You cannot have anything good in your life living in disobedience to His Word when it is a command to forgive!  Matthew 6:14 is clear: ‘For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.’ (NIV)

You can live a full life. I know this because I am still standing. I have had more parents than Elizabeth Taylor has has husbands and I know what lack is all about. I know the pain of abandonment, the fear of the future; and the God that loves. I wouldn’t be able to write this if I didn’t already pick up my cross; I had to. And so do you if you want to overcome lack through forgiveness. I know too that without a doubt forgiveness is the only way through. Stop the lack. Forgive. And then live in Jesus Name.