Overcoming Your Idol of Choice

We are all given choices to make. Did you know the average person makes 35k decisions every day? If you are a business owner it may be more. Now have you stopped to think about what those decisions actually are? Perhaps you should! You see; your decisions will lead you where you are and your body cannot go where your mind has not been.

And so on this day what do you spend most of your time doing and thinking about?  How to make more money? That is your idol. The greed factor kills even the most of appearing to be humble persons.  Do you pride yourself on your trophies of this or that sport? Do you pride yourself on how many philosophy degrees you have that let’s be honest; haven’t gotten you a job? Do you pride yourself on the neighborhood that you live in and boast about it during dinner parties? The number of shoes you have?  Oh yes the days of Carrie Bradshaw may have you dreaming. Or even that you have the new job title and were first in line to get the latest phone? While all of that may make you think you are a better person- but does it? Your gun collection does not make you a better person. Oh and because your church is bigger than the one across the street still does not make you better. How would it?

Let’s get real. None of that matters. Period. None of it. In the Book of Ruth we see that Boaz loved Ruth because of her character- not how her nails were painted and her new stilettos. Sure those things may be nice and some can argue ‘Well; if men weren’t so visual I wouldn’t have to have all this’ but here is the thing: ‘real men’ will see beyond nail polish to see you. Period. Ruth demonstrates to us that who we are is more important than what we have.

So it begs the question: ‘Who’ are you? Who are you without all the stuff you idolize that you have allowed to imprison you? When you strip that away it will tell you everything. Ruth was beautiful yet came without Louboutin’s. And she married up! Her heart is what captured him. The more away from the world and its lies you get and the closer to Jesus you become the less worldly possessions you need. As ‘HE’ becomes all you need you realize what is truly important. And let us not forget God’s Word tells us to think on the things above; and seek the better things. And Jesus is the best thing. Make today the day that you build your character to be pleasing Him rather than your own castle in the sand. You won’t regret it.