Overcoming Entitlement of Christians

There is so much emphasis on the entitlement of the Millenials which everyone except them sees it. Those born into that generation don’t believe it’s entitlement it’s just normal; normal to expect everything without giving an iota or doing anthing. The trend is coming of reality in the Body of Christ as well. The entitlement factor of Christians is something not of a phenomenon just something that actually is prevalent and needs to stop.

When we get to the core of Christianity it was God who first gave. It was God who gave His Son who died on the cross; giving us the opportunity to be in relationship with His Son. Yet that example of giving seems to be ignored and it’s instead the ‘what do you have for me’ syndrome that is become exasperating to say the least.

I am witnessing ministries across America asking for help yet it’s disregarded. These are not the prosperity preachers but those who go to Israel quarterly to share the gospel with the Jews. It’s those who have a call on their lives that are barely making it and that should not be so. These are brothers and sisters in ministry who give and give so willingly yet don’t have money enough to even pay their rent or mortgage. Pastors are walking away and well; can you blame them? They give and get what in return? Not much. Not much at all. Oh yes the satisfaction of giving? Is that what you think? Sure. Because everyone wakes up with the goal of being satisfied in a life of giving to takers who take for granted. Right. Now of course we know it’s not all although the numbers are speaking for themselves. More churches are closing than opening and the average church in America has 100 people in it. And if that’t not enough I just learned that only 4% of people in Dallas, TX are churchgoers! Yeah in Dallas where churches are on every street corner.

And so it goes; Christians have a mentality that because we are brothers and sisters something is owed to them- sure. Except why? Why brothers and sisters are you owed anything by your brothers and sisters? Why do you expect that your brothers and sisters should give and give and give and give to you while you give nothing in return? It is because no one ever truly told you about what Christ gave and that He is the example? Or do you not care? What is it?

What is it that you believe you are actually entitled to from your brothers and sisters? Shouldn’t it be that you are entitled to give and give abundantly? Oh yes! Especially if you are going to be a follower of Christ who gave His life. But that isn’t really what we want to actually talk about right? Of course not. Instead it’s how do I get this or that for my own motives and pleasures. And what does that say about us as Christians?

With the ministries in need I’m learning that other communities are stepping up to help. It’s a sad day for the Body of Christ when more Muslims help Christian ministries than Christians. And yes. Not only this I know an apostle who actually stayed in the home of a Jihadist for 2 weeks in the Middle East. They took him in because they knew he was a man of God and upon his departure the Jihadists actually gave him suitcases of clothes for his children and treasures of gold jewelry for his entire family! Yes- the Muslims who are known to behead Christians gave to that man and did so willing. They held nothing back. It’s a day when Athiests are giving more than Christians. Why oh why brothers and sisters are you even allowing that to happen? Do you not see that your holding back hurts not only you, but denies your blessings and blocks in the Body of Christ from moving? Yes!

I never knew to be honest how to give; and so I didn’t. I was broke most of my life and as a college student it was either pay rent or car insurance but not both. I never learned how to give and and a result my money was funny, my change was strange and my prayers unanswered. See; money is the answer for all things. Yes open your Bible. Read Ecclesiastes 10. It’s written right before your eyes. And yet it’s missed.

I have too learned that most Christians tend to live in the receiving end too; yet are still broke. There is a clue there brothers and sisters. If you have a need sow a seed. Do it. Know the soil first though. If you don’t do your research you not only won’t know the 4 types of soil but won’t get the best harvest either. See; you have to get to a place of looking outward and not inward. That is where life begins to change. Again; the example of Jesus.

I recall listening years ago to a largely known female preacher share that the day Disney World employees dread the most was Christian day because the Christians were so rude, loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate. She shared that they knew the hotel cleaning staff would be left tipless as well. And how sad is that that the people who represent the most giving God are such takers and not following the simple example of ‘give’? Now I must say it’s not true of all you so put your feathers down. I must also share that when I heard her speak that about Christians like that I took offense; except that now I see it and am in a position of agreement. That too is sad.

It should not be so that Christians live expecting so much from their brothers and sisters all the while doubting and disbelieving God. Stop asking your wallet as it will always tell you that you don’t have enough. Ask the God who has more than enough! It should not be so that Christians expect free from everyone who gives and willingly and yet not even think about sowing back to who just gave. It takes a lot to give and those who give know so and do so willingly. Those who receive well; do so and do so willingly. Of course the receiving means that the giver gets blessed but here is the thing: if all you do is receive you won’t be blessed to the full. You can’t be because God’s Word really is based upon giving and not just living a life of taking.

So the next time you see someone in need don’t be a miser. Don’t. You are hurting yourself because giving isn’t about you- it’s for you. Yes you are entitled to all the promises in God’s Word; and those promises are between you and God. It’s time to stop pushing your entitlement to others Christians in expectation that they were only created to serve you and that you were only created to receive. You are blocking blessings from moving forward in more ways you can imagine. And the next time you see the Muslims and the Athiests happy with will full accounts it may just be that they are blessed because they are obedient to God’s principles. It’s that simple. God’s principles apply to all and those that know that follow that. So give. Keep giving. And don’t stop. You are entitled after all if you are a Christian- to give. Give as Jesus did. And you will be blessed.

If you ready to turn your heart toward giving: give to Julie Blair Ministries. (www.julieblair.com) Julie Blair Ministries is a Faith Based Organization reaching 3 Billion a day sharing God’s Word and send Bibles to those in need and there is such a demand that without your giving it can’t be done. Know it’s good soil and the Word of the Lord is uncompromised.

If you attend a church in your local area; know that your tithe is a demonstration of your obedience to the Lord and that it isn’t about the amount you give but that you are giving. It’s ok if you give more than 10%. God won’t be upset. You will be blessed by the purity of your heart in your giving.

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