‘Oscars Celebrities are Hero’s’ Confusion

The Oscars are on; are you watching? Or do you care? It’s one of those things that if you turn on the television or see a magazine in line at the grocery store it’s all about the Oscars; the hero’s of the movie industry. Really?

We as a society have it all wrong. The very small segment of the population who make movies and then get paid to advertise the labels of those they wear to the world are not hero’s by the very definition of what a hero is. A hero is known for a great deed that was selfless. A hero was known as one who was more humble than hungry for fame and affection. A hero was unassuming and not seeking the title of ‘hero’ as that by the very definition was not the goal.

Now; the term has changed and through that change it has distorted the idea of what people think of. if celebrities worship celebrities; it’s no surprise who wins and then gets to be called the ‘hero’. No wonder the youth of today don’t know the true hero’s of history. The sales of magazines only push the agenda that a hero is an actor or actress; whether or not that person is even qualified to hold such a title.

As a result; those who are hero’s are hidden. Those who need no further acclaim continue to push the agenda of self and celebrity of status to society and society continues to feed right into it.

When will we see the bigger picture? When we get the fact that television stars are not hero’s? We need to step back and look at those who are the real hero’s. They are the men and woman who are brave enough to join the military on behalf of us. They are the mothers who stay at home to raise their children instead of being working mothers. They are the firefighters and police officers who put their lives on the line every day. They are the teachers doing their best to teach our youth as best they can with what they have. They are those who quietly do what needs to be done for those before them. That is a hero. ┬áThat is what we need to remember.