Men, Women Restored to Love & Forgiveness

Have you ever noticed in society how much hatred there is toward women? And toward men? The resentment about everything and how much we objectify one another. Where did this come from? It started in Genesis if you must know the truth. You see; Adam and Eve were ‘Adam’ before the fall. It was after the fall that they became separate. And once separate everything changed.

Ever notice that men think women talk too much and men don’t listen? Sure right? Well; Adam lost everything when he listened to a woman; including his manhood. She was like the seductress in Proverbs and led him straight to the grave. Never mind it was God who ordered Adam to take care of everything in the garden right?

The woman lost her protector in the man and now women today see that men don’t protect them; so what do they need them for? They can do it all on their own and think they are oh so independent! The lack of respect for men has dwindled so much so that the New York Fashion Week has men parading in skirts! ¬†And all the while the enemy sits back and laughs at how stupid people are!

The good news is that there is a solution. There is. It’s Jesus. He came to set the captives free and that means free! It is through Him we can love, forgive, be restored; and cherish and respect one another. It is through Him that all things can be done- the impossible possible! It is through Him that lives will be changed and it starts with you making the choice today to give up your false ideas, your false independence, that pride, that fake strength; and all the other pretenses you live by that you don’t hide very well.

It’s time to step it up and live like you are worth something- because you are. You are worthy of the Sonship that comes with being a Son of the King Most High. It’s time to repent and seek forgiveness of the treatment of disrespect of men and the hatred of women; so that times of refreshing may come. And we can look around society and see that we need refreshing!

Ask yourself this: If Jesus treated you the way you treat others where would you be?

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