Manipulating God’s Word for Entitlement

I’ve noticed a trend that I have no clue where it started. It’s one that makes no sense that I haven’t found a name other than what it is: manipulation for entitlement. Maybe it’s part of the word of faith movement that started with Kenyon back in the late 1800’s. I’m not sure but it goes something like this:

Someone will read God’s Word and read that God spoke something specific to someone; or someone else in God’s word may be speaking to a group of people and then next thing- the reader claims it for him or herself. You know similar to when an entire doctrine was created based upon Paul speaking to a certain group of people for a certain reason in a certain context. And yet many apply it thinking and making it apply today. No one thinks anything of it; they just live in the bondage it breeds.

I was recently told by someone to follow Joshua 1:1-6 in regards to property. I inquired of the Lord by what authority I would have to claim something that He spoke to someone else in an entirely different time for a specific reason in a specific context that had nothing to do with me then and here is what was revealed that I pray will give you breakthrough:

1- There are many promises in the Bible.

2- There are many promises in the Bible ‘for you’.

3- When you lay claim to something that God gave someone else that you have no jurisdiction to receive He is not obligated to deliver.

4- When you lay claim to something you think you are entitled to just because you want it and add ‘in Jesus name’ at the end of it moves you to a level of witchcraft and usery.

5- When you lay claim to something you think you want because God blessed someone else in the Bible with it- you may be shorting yourself because God may have something ‘better’ set aside for you.

6- When you lay claim to something you think you want and just attach ‘in Jesus name’ at the endĀ without even asking God in the first placeĀ He is not obligated to deliver. Refer to John 15:1-7 where he who ‘abides’. Well abide in Hebrew is to ‘dwell’. If you are not dwelling then God is not obligated. It’s about the relationship with the Lord and not your own entitlement.

7- When God speaks a Word to someone or uses someone today to speak a word does not mean it is for every other person who happens to be there. I recall God using me to deliver a word to someone and the person who was standing there also claimed it. I was stumped. How on earth does that even work? And- who gave you such entitlement? The word for that person was based upon a specific context and for someone to just grab it for him/herself is beyond comprehension of the level of entitlement and selfishness. We must stop this and now! Get for yourself what God has for you and stop stealing everything that you think you want and are entitled to that has nothing to do with you! Go with the ‘promises’ He has for you as that is much different.

8- What God has for you is for you- yet if you never grow in that relationship with Him you won’t receive it. You will only be receiving second hand, generational, inherited something or other that while may be good- wouldn’t be ‘all’ that God would have for you.

9- When God doesn’t deliver on what you think you were entitled to that you claim outside of your jurisdiction and ability to receive you have no reason or authority or case against God when he doesn’t deliver it.

So much of Christianity today is based upon a level of getting for self-gain and not the fullness of holiness, repentance, obedience. It is much more carnal, covetness and greed. It is not clear where or when the church was hijacked although what it is clear is that many are being deceived to believe that they are entitled to everything simply because they are. Many have forgotten that God ‘is’ God and that we are not.

Many are leaving the church is perhaps it’s because of what many have been fed. Lies, dishonest gain for selfish pleasures. Things that sound good yet aren’t fully God. It hurts people in the end because they honestly believed and when God doesn’t deliver they blame Him and it’s sad because it’s not God’s fault.

Until we truly grasp the reality of who He is and who we are; and what really we are ‘entitled’ to nothing will change. It will continue to collapse along with the ‘gimme gimme’ yet it’s pretty clear it’s better to give than to receive. Where are the givers? We must understand that we need to get into God’s Word and study ourselves approved otherwise the ensuing calamity will only bring harsher consequences and in the end- it will be just; only because God is a just God.