What to do When You Make a Mistake

It’s inevitable that you will make a mistake in your life. I am proof of this as I make them daily; some larger than others. I am not perfect. The question is how do you hand it? What do you do in such a situation?

There are many lessons to be learned in handling how to make mistakes; but more importantly is the reflection of the lessons learned. If you never learn the lesson then where do you go? What would be the point? The pattern would only continue and what would that prove besides you are merely capable of repeating the same mistake. If you are one who has never made a mistake then perhaps I can learn something from you.

Bottom line is that we all make mistakes. There is no way around this; at least for me. How about you? The biggest lesson you can learn and the biggest thing you can do for yourself is to apologize for it and then forgive yourself. While it may be humbling it is part of life and the quicker way you can get going is to get on with it. ┬áIf you don’t you will only live with more regret and turmoil than before you made the mistake in the first place.