Loving & Forgiving Societal Distractions

Society is full of distractions. It’s easy to get caught up in them. Politics, Hollywood breakups; guns, Superbowl, the agendas that don’t nee any further life given to them. You get the idea. I’m sure you have your special ones too.

Recognize that the more time spent talking and arguing about things doesn’t solve anything. More often it separates people and if you are the one who doesn’t agree well; you are the racist, the bigot, the homophobe or whatever new name they want to call it. Still put it’s interesting that one’s opinion can be put into a label of intolerance yet if people were truly walking in tolerance they would be tolerant of anyone’s opinions regardless of what they are. Yet we are still called to love; and to walk in forgiveness. Period. There is no way around those two commands if you say you are a Christian. And the argument of whatever is the hot topic for the day doesn’t change anything now does it? Think about that? What does the engagement in debate of topic really do for anyone? Prove no on is right? Well that’s a solid investment of time right?!

For me it was the love of the argument really about anything-and much of it political. I was actually the oddball Christian teaching at secular colleges who didn’t back down and some hated me for it but I didn’t care. I had an opinion and would stop at nothing to share it; thinking that anyone cared to hear it. But you see; no lives changed. No one was right. And today; people fall into the same trap. How many arguments are on twitter and facebook of people arguing over this and that? And people get overemotional and call people names because of what? A difference of opinion? Sure because high blood pressure is worth it right? Seriously; think about it.

We need to see it’s a ploy by the enemy. It’s so simple yet millions fall for it not even seeing it and in the end; they are changed and for the worse. No hearts were won for Christ. Nothing; just the enemy sitting back laughing the whole way- watching. He watches Christians think in all their intellect that it’s cool to call out other ministries for whatever material possessions they have; great way to unite Christians right? Get them fighting! Then he sits back and laughs at the debates of race, politics; and who may or may not have ever said something that was or wasn’t a lie and that no one could ever change their mind in 20 years and if they did that too is a lie and all the sudden it’s viral! And now millions of people hate one another; time is lost and Jesus is left standing waiting for someone to want to talk to Him. Yeah reflect on that for a moment. Just a moment before you log back in to facebook and see what the Donald is up to. Do you see it? Do you see it?

When you get distracted by arguing over the things of current day you are missing the point. You are missing that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy and every minute you give in you are losing ground. And in some cases, your life, your family; your soul. It’s time we wake up and start doing something that will be a solution and not the problem. And the first place to start is with Jesus and in prayer.