For the Love of Valentine’s Day

Today is still Valentine’s Day; for a little while longer. Should you be one who is out celebrating good on ya mate!

If you are single without a date or anything else; have no fear. You are still loved by the One who always has loved you before you could even comprehend it.

Now earlier today a great friend of mine made the comment that her husband who is from another country commented on the fact that American holidays are expensive for an American man. Hmm. Never thought of this way.  Yes of course there is always that expectation that men woo their women on Valentine’s Day although I have to say I am an equal opportunist- any day is just fine with me. No need to wait for one day and the media and the retailers to help that one along. Just saying.

Now the oldest surviving Valentine was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife in 1415. Now isn’t that special? I’m sure he didn’t write it with the purposed of needing to have a #Valentine twitter account following for it it either. It was pure gesture in love. Where have those days gone?

Now we have come to 142 million cards will be shared this year with over 1200 styles to choose from. No in and out on this one folks!

The average customer is expected to spend $213 this year on  this one day. Today 233 million roses for Valentine’s Day could wrap around the earth 3.8 times when laid end to end. The average cost of a dozen long-stem roses is $63, but jumps to $80 this time of year.  Because that’s not a scam.

The price for dinner is averaged to be $83 and the increase in condom sales according to Durex is 20%. I’m guessing that men are making this purchase too.

More than 707 million dollars worth of candy  is purchased on Valentine’s Day. That’s about 127 million pounds, or, the weight of six Eiffel Towers. That includes 4 million pounds of Necco Sweethearts. Roughly 100,000 are produced per day in the six weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. This year, the big spender can impress his date with solid-gold Sweethearts for less than $20k!

Now overall; according to the National Retail Federation the average American man will spend $170.00. If he doesn’t he may be spending more time in the dog house!

Overall; it’s a great way for American men to spend money, retailers to mark up flowers that die quickly; and women to enjoy how beautiful they are told they are. It’s all because we need a day to remind us of that. How does that make you feel?

Then what happens tomorrow? The sex is over, the makeup wears off, the hangover kicks in, the kids are crying for new $170.00 sneakers; and the credit card receipts are revealing that in reality you could do the same thing any day of the year and it would cost much less and probably have much more meaning. But hey- it’s all in love for the great Valentine’s Day experience.