When Losing Hurts Forgiveness Heals

The journey to a win or loss is based simply upon individual and collective decisions made along the way. The outcome reveals much and for those who win it is a celebration. For those that come up short; the pain is excruciating at minimal and can last a lifetime. One may ask those who have lost. It is something that most don’t ever recover from. When losing hurts; forgiveness heals. It is the medication that no drug can heal.

There is never anything that can replace the ‘what if’s’ that come along. ‘What if’ we scored earlier? ‘What if’ we did this or that? ‘What if’there was no interception? ‘What if’ we scored earlier and more often? One will never know. ‘What if’ only leads to regret and regret; leads to the downward spiral of self-loathing and wonderment of the past. And that can lead to death. (http://uanetwork.tv/uanon-demand/living-forgiveness-julie-blair/)

Winning and losing as a team means experiencing all things as a team. ‘Sure sure’ you may think it’s simple to say collectively for the team; however, each individual experiences wins and losses differently.  And this; my dear friends, is where forgiveness comes in to play.

Forgiveness heals. Regardless of the situation forgiveness heals. Does it take time to get to a place of forgiveness? Absolutely! Each person is unique and processes life’s circumstances in his or her own manner at his or her own pace. None are the same.

There must be forgiveness at some point within a team for all the mistakes made because every team’s future wins or losses are dependent upon all the people involved.  The future of each person and team is based upon it.  When a person makes the choice to forgive teammates for not catching the ball, not throwing it correctly; not producing at an expected level healing can begin. When a person gets to the position of forgiving him or herself for living up to the same expectations healing can begin.

Healing through forgiveness is reconciling that which was done that had unwanted consequences. It is part of life. It is a process that for a full future is needed; is vital.  It is the acceptance that mistakes are part of life and that people make them. None of us are immune. Not even you. We can’t take back any moment as they pass too quickly. This moment too is passing right before your eyes.

While the large majority of us do not know what it is like to lose a Superbowl; we can all relate to making mistakes that require forgiveness.  We are all part of teams in life where the people in it have let us down and we too have let teammates down. It doesn’t matter if your team is a family unit, church group or sports team.  It simply doesn’t. You are part of something with other people. And people make mistakes. That alone is the simple reason why forgiveness must reign.