‘Living in Forgiveness’ Today: My Mom Guest Hosts

The first Saturday of the month my mother guests hosts with me. While it may not seem like any big deal; let me share otherwise.

You may know my biological mother and I were separated for almost 30 years! I lived in a foster home, an abusive adoptive home and was placed in a homeless shelter all by age 15!

My biological mother had a rough childhood in a variety of ways. She too was homeless and has suffered from things like bi-polar, depression and many other ailments. During the 50’s there wasn’t the medical information or diagnoses to help people in her position. She was just said to be ‘retarded’.

Needless to say her mind is in tact! She is in the second round of testing to be on Jeopardy; all from the nursing home she lives in! What a story.

We come together every Saturday to answer viewer questions about forgiveness because we have been there. We know what it’s like to be angry, separated; healed and restored through forgiveness in the mighty name of Jesus! We are both in places where we never dreamed possible- and together!

On this day if you have been cheated on there is hope. If you have been a cheater there is forgiveness. If you are a business owner scammed there is forgiveness too. God’s Word never returns void and together we stand as one united family that the enemy thought he could destroy; although God’s plan is bigger and we give Him the praise and glory!

Join us today and get refreshed. It’s 30 minutes of love and laughter through forgiveness.

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This is our last Saturday before moving to Tuesdays where she will guest host the last Tuesday of each month. **Starting May 5th Living in Forgiveness will air Tuesdays at 9:30pm**