Life After Forgiveness

There is so much focus on forgiving and forgiveness which obviously is wonderful; but what about life after? What is life after forgiveness like? What should it be like? Most don’t ever get to a place of recognition of what it should be and that is a problem.   Life after forgiveness is as much  a process as forgiveness itself. Let’s explore!

1. Life after forgiveness is not the same as life with unforigveness. Everything is different when you lived as an unforgiver. Everything. The way you saw life and behaved in your relationships was based upon who you were at that time. As you forgave you changed. Therefore; nothing will be the same. Relish in that!

2. Life after forgiveness means relationships will change. Because you are are not who you used to be; your relationships can’t follow suit. Some may get better while others may dissolve. As a result of this; being aware of the changes that are coming into your life may take some time. Forgiveness and the entire process is healing. Remember you are the one who changed in your choice to forgive and as a result of you choosing to change; everything in your world will change too. For me personally; the larger things I had to forgive others for meant they were no longer in my life. There simply was no need. Some relationships had run their courses and I moved past what they could offer.  It’s nothing against anyone; it simply was more about the changes that occurred in my life. I needed to move forward and some of my relationships simply would not be in alignment with that. In the case of a marriage situation; everything is forgivable. It is moreso a matter of whether or not we choose to get to a place  in our hearts to forgive and then desire to continue to change in the relationship for it to grow in a healthy way.

3. Life after forgiveness will reflect the changes of you, who you are, and who you are becoming. After forgiveness nothing in you or your life will be as it once was nor will it be as it currently is. Don’t be alarmed by this! Your growth is what changes you. Now of course people who don’t forgive  also grow- just not in the same way. When you forgive your life will reflect the positive growth in who you are based upon the choice to forgive but also through the act of forgiveness itself.  You will never be the same. Because you aren’t the same; your life and the impact it has on others won’t either. This is probably the biggest testimony of life change through forgiveness. Who you become is reflected in the forgiveness you give.

My life changed after I forgave. Every single thing in my life changed. My eyes opened, my relationship with Christ deepened; my ministry was birthed. I was forever changed. It wasn’t until some time later that I started seeing all of what occurred through forgiveness and there are still days when I see just how much my life changed. Rest assured the one thing I can share with you is that you and your life will never be the same; but if you don’t forgive you won’t know. So today is the day to make sure you forgive so you can truly live!