If Jesus Were an Olympics Commentator

As the Rio Olympics are underway; the commentators have already been known for their misogynistic thoughts yet again about the female athletes. It shouldn’t any surprise that women would be seen as less than because it’s the way of the world. Look around. Women are still objectified, put down, paid less and the list goes on so I wondered what it would be like if Jesus were an Olympics Commentator; not that He would be but still I wondered.

If Jesus were an Olympics commentator His comments would be more uplifting to the achievements of the women instead of putdowns. There would be no reference to a woman’s achievement as the responsibility of her husband. Sure one may argue that a woman is a reflection of her husband and that of course men are still superior to me as we’ve heard it all before. My best bet about Jesus is that He would surely see the sacrifice made and He would know her heart and see her as a person; and not just that she was able to break her own swimming record because of that man- that she did it because of The Man. Let’s face it: Katinka Hosszú broke the world record; her husband did not. Jesus would know that and respect that; it was Him after all who walked on water.

If Jesus were an Olympics commentator He would kindly remind people that coming against His people really would not be tolerated. Kicking His people off the bus and refusing to ride the same bus just isn’t cool so therefore; people be kind to one another and love your neighbor as yourself. After all; we are together the world in once place right?  Now go do your best as your Father is watching!

If Jesus were an Olympics commentator He would share with the audience that it was a woman named Corey Cogdell-Unrein, and He would know her by her name and not her title of being a wife; who won bronze in women’s trap shooting. He may also ask those coming against her what phariseeacle church they represented and to whom they would be praying should she ever aim in their direction. Or perhaps He would console her as she cried quietly that in all her efforts she still was seen as less than because she is a woman.

If Jesus were an Olympics commentator He would celebrate the young ladies who regardless of what sport they compete in still have body image issues. He would use that time to encourage them to never give up hope, that regardless of put downs to keep moving; and that as He is for them no one can be against them. He would also remind those sitting next to Him that unless they are perfect with the perfect bodies, perfect aim; the tenacity to try; or come before Him with perfect hearts that mirrors are everywhere and that a look in one may be of benefit- and of course all would be said in love as a reminder of who they are and who He is.

And finally if Jesus were an Olympics commentator He would not be so biased to disregard the women. It was Jesus after all who went against the grain by even speaking to the woman at the well; who shared that the woman with the issue of blood was healed because of her faith. And as if we need any reminders women were with Jesus all the time; and it was women who found the empty tomb.

And so as it goes the enemy has done great destruction in creating gender laws, ideas; and perversion between men and women. Most don’t see it as they are too busy resenting men or women in all the name of fairness. That wasn’t and isn’t the way of Jesus at all. If it weren’t for Jesus I surely wouldn’t be here writing this nor would women anywhere be able to stand and testify. So instead of looking down on women why not look up to Jesus and follow Him instead.

Julie Blair is President of Julie Blair Ministries that helps people worldwide grow in Christ. To learn more about going deeper in Christ or to have Julie speak to your church or business visit www.julieblair.com

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