Increased Hearing from God through Forgiveness

God created man for relationship. That is clear starting Genesis yet because of sin everything changed. While Adam and Eve weren’t born into sin we know that we are and that for us to hear from God it requires spending time with Him. As such an increased in hearing from God can come through forgiveness. On the opposite end not dealing with issues of forgiveness only creates separation from Him which leads many in the direction clearly not of God.

What I didn’t know or even realize or have a clue of was that my unforgiveness was keeping me separated from God. While it may sound obvious and now it is; the catch was that I did not even know I had an ounce of unforgiveness at all. I guess I may have fallen into the word of faith movement; name it and claim and it and so I probably claimed forgiveness but never actually did anything but speak it only to find out years later that if you do nothing you are worse off. And so I was.

I was living my life thinking it was everyone else yet in reality I was the one in sin and yes; unforgiveness is sin. I was the one who needed to repent and I was the one that had the decreased hearing from God. And all the while I blamed God. Go figure that in my disobedience I was so prideful to think the issue was God.  So if you are saying God doesn’t talk to you or that you don’t hear from Him; it’s not Him. It’s you. Yes. It is you.

The increase in hearing will come when you make the choice to obey God’s Word and just do it; which by the way isn’t first from Nike but in God’s Word.Matthew 6:4 starts the sentence with ‘Just do it’. So yet again God’s Word proves there is nothing new under the sun; not even a slogan. And in an increased hearing from God your life will change.

So how does forgiveness increase healing? Three simple ways:

  • Forgiveness is sin dealt with. Unforgiveness is sin and sin separates us from God. It doesn’t matter how big or large; separation is separation. And being off the mark can prove disastrous; just ask any sniper.  It is your choice to be obedient and repent of the sin so that you can move forward and live in obedience. Acts 3:19 is clear ‘Repent, and seek forgiveness so that times of refreshing may come.’ Nothing that you want comes without repentance first. When you repent you are dealing with the sin at hand and unforgiveness is a big one most don’t recognize.
  • Forgiveness corrects your perception. Your perception when living in unforgiveness is distorted. There is no way for it to not be. And with about 40 symptoms of unforgiveness ( it is no wonder why people aren’t living in the power and authority; or hearing from God as they should be. Every symptom of unforgiveness distorts your perception of you, your involvement in whatever situation it was or is, the other people involved; and even God. In my life my incorrect perception had me believing that my mother didn’t want me and therefore I lived a life based upon the rejection and abandonment. Once I forgave her I learned something.  When she my shared the events and the ultimatum she was given by the social worker who was trying to buy me everything changed. I realized that this wasn’t a mother who hated her daughter but rather a mother in a situation of having her child taken and sold on the baby black market! Who would have ever thought? And see; unforgiveness keeps you living in the mindset that only you have based upon what you know. Well; when living that closed off God could speak anything to you but you wouldn’t be in proper position to receive it because of all the internal clutter. That was me. Forgive and see your perception change to be more in alignment with Him and His Word and ways.
  • Forgiveness restores your relationship with Jesus. When sin is dealt with life is different. When the internal clutter is unloaded life too is different. It’s like going to the gym without having to actually go or sweat. The relationship with Jesus can be restored simply through forgiveness. It’s the removal of sin that restores us to Christ. On the other hand  the choice to not deal with it simply means choosing the separation. Either way a choice must be made. As you are restored to who God created you to be your hearing will increase.

God has a plan for the life of everyone created; His Word tells us so in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” And in dealing with the sin of unforgiveness it will be much easier to hear what that plan is and then take the steps necessary to live out that plan. Let it be known that included in that plan is a relationship with you. And if you want the fullness of it it will require getting over yourself to overcome unforgiveness to hear from Him. And when you do it will be a sweet melody of life change for your beautiful future in Jesus name.