How to Forgive a Liar

People are people and some are honest; while liars simply are not. Perhaps you work with one. Perhaps you married one. Or perhaps you are one. In any case; this is for you. You see; liars prove themselves what they are simply by their actions. It’s simply a matter of whether or not we pay attention to it. The signs are all there and while some are better than others; liars are always found out. And in such case as when they are; forgive. Forgive them because them and their lies are not worth the pain of even talking about it.

See; the thing about liars is that there is a deeper root operating causing them to lie in the first place. The lie typically is a deflection of the real situation at hand. It’s a cover up. It’s sick really when you are faced with someone who pretends to be one way and really they aren’t. The good news is that the when get the revelation your life will change! When you get that the person’s ways are probably not congruent with how you live then it’s time to forgive and walk away.

So how do you do it? How do you forgive a liar that masquerades probably so honest all the while treating everyone as though they are stupid?  How do you get past the facade of someone who does business in dishonest ways? How do you reconcile someone who may even be in the church as a preacher who lies straight to your face? Simple. You make the choice for you my dear reader have all the power.

Through the process of forgiveness your life will change. It starts with you making the choice. These choices make it simple:

1- Make the choice to pay attention to what you know.  More often than not liars have lied to you more than one time; but you let it slide. You justified it. You tried to accept that a white lie is a different kind of lie; not receiving that a lie is a lie is a lie regardless of the color. And your allowing the unforgiveness to settle in by accepting the lies you put yourself in bondage. Pay close attention so you can get free once and for all! Choose life!

2- Make the choice to act on what you know. You can know tons of things but that doesn’t mean you act on them. You know you need to eat better; but do you? You know you need to forgive; but do you? It’s one thing to know something and quite another to take the next step. For me  for quite some time I ignored what I saw. That was my action; acceptance.  Then when I saw it my life changed and how I acted upon it changed more.

I no longer sat in silence watching. Nope. I said something. And what happened amazed me! When I met in person with the liar what amazed me was that he wasn’t even sorry that he did it. It didn’t matter that not only did he lie to me; but to my mother and friend right to our faces. No apology. Nothing. The liar actually not only admitted it; but justified it. And- used the Bible!  Yes- this is the extent that people will go to protect themselves and what you choose to do about it is on you. Period. There is no other way. If people lie to you and you do nothing; ask yourself why? If people lie to you and you don’t change the people surrounding you in your life ask yourself why? And then forgive yourself for allowing them to creep in to your life and forgive them for being sick because that really is what they are. Taking the step to forgive a liar will free you from the bondage of falling back into the trap of silent acceptance. You are worth more than accepting lies from liars.

3- Make a choice to live what you know.  You know you need to forgive and make it a lifestyle; so why not start today?  Why let the lies of liars come against you? You are worth more than that! Forgive them and move on. While sure we can all say liars are people too and that there is forgiveness for them; it doesn’t mean you have to allow the lies or the liars in your life. Remember that people will treat you the way that you allow.   Choose and choose carefully. Choose life.

In the end; people reveal who they are in the day and the night. If you see it in the daylight; don’t think it will be different in the night for even in the darkness the truth is revealed. Don’t deceive yourself through justification and acceptance because the Word is clear that a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways. Unforgiveness will keep you that way.  The lies of liars will keep you that way too so it’s best to forgive, learn the lesson and live the lesson. Be honest and true and know that forgiveness is the way to getting free of liars and their lies.