How to Build Your Future by Forgiving Your Past

The past is time gone by. You can’t get it back and you can’t change it. If you want to build the future that is there waiting for you; you can do just that by forgiving your past. If you are a top salesman but wanted to always be a gym teacher; forgive yourself and go for it. There is no reason to dwell on what you did or did not do then; what matters is what you do now.  It doesn’t matter what has happened in the time of yesterday or yesterday; but what does matter is what you are doing now to build that better future. Forgiveness is the method of travel to your future.

1. Make the choice to forgive. If you want to live a wonderful present and see the bright future the past cannot be what you live. There is a reason why the front windshield of a vehicle is larger than the rear. Make forgiveness the choice and know that until you do; you will live in the past. What you choose to do starts in your mind and today is the day for your mind renewal according to Romans 12:2.

2. Take back your power. When you choose to live in unforgiveness you are choosing to let others have all the power. Forgiveness and unforgiveness alike are not about anyone else but you. When you forgive and start living a life of forgiveness you are not allowing the sins and behaviors of others to put you in bondage. Recognize that people are allowed to treat you the way you allow them to. When they have all the power; they can do what they want. When you remove that power through forgiveness; you and your life will be on the path toward what you are destined for. It’s time for you get back what you have given away through unforgiveness. It took me years; decades to be honest to get the reality that I was living a life with no power because I gave it all away. Unforgiveness strips you of all of it!

3. Start living your real life. You can’t live your real life until you forgive. It is not possible. I can tell you from personal experience that it is not possible. Unforgiveness distorts your thoughts, behaviors; and identity. With all of that distortion how do you think you honestly could build the right life or one even following Christ to the full when God’s Word commands forgiveness? There is a plan for your life and unforgiveness keeps you from it. Once you make the choice to forgive and get your power back; your future belongs to you. And there is much power in that!

Forgiveness is the path to your future. Unforgiveness is the path of the past. It is up to you to decide what you want and the steps to take to getting it. Unfortunately many take the easy way out yet die much too soon. It is the strong that forgive. It is the strong that at all cost; do not give others the control to influence them through such nastiness as unforgiveness. If you want your future; the real future that God has for you it’s time for you to step up and get it. The rewards for obedience are there. The freedom that comes with it is there waiting for you. Everything you could ever dream of is right there- in your future. All you have to do is take this present to get that future and walk away from the past. It’s that simple. Build your future on forgiveness today.  Then live in it!