How Forgiveness Changes You

If you want radical change in your life forgive. Sure sure you may think although it’s true. Growing up I heard much about forgive but never knew what it was. When I became a Christian I heard more but never heard how. What good does it do to be told to do something that you don’t know how to do or even understand why or the benefits? At least that was how my mind worked at the time.

What I understand now is not only what forgive is, but how to forgive, the why and the after effects. It’s become my lifestyle and in some ways my life. I am absolutely changed by the message of forgiveness and you can be to. So how does it change you?

Forgiveness changes your heart. Unforgiveness and forgiveness alike are conditions of the heart; whether good or bad it’s up to you. The more I forgave the less my heart hurt. Sure people would do things that hurt but the pain and internal bondage wasn’t able to have the impact upon me that it once did. My heart was healed of all the pain from my past and I became able to live free and love others in freedom too. My heart wasn’t fearful of the ‘what if’s’ that used to bind me.

Forgiveness changes your relationships. I never knew the impact that my unforgiveness had on my life. I didn’t know that in the Bible bitterness was spiritual poison; even though I read the Bible. I never saw it. I couldn’t see that so long I was living in unforgiveness that it impacted my relationships to the point where I wasn’t able to give freely. Now this would make sense as you can’t give what you don’t have so think about what you are giving. Is it what you truly want to give to others? If not change it. My relationships were able to grow to a certain point; but no further. All of the symptoms related to unforgiveness kept me living in self-preservation mode to where my relationships were inhibited. I encourage you today to forgive as your relationships will forever be changed. My relationship with my biological mother changed after I forgave her. I no longer hated her; but rather saw her more in line with the way that Christ does.

Forgiveness changes the direction of your life. When you live in unforgiveness your life decisions will be based upon that. Every decision that yo make when being unforgiving is entirely different than when you are forgiving. How people are able to treat you, how you treat them; and the level of interaction with them changes. What you think and how you think changes. How you read and receive God’s Word changes. Your purpose and assignment for your life will become more clear. How else would I be able to share the great message of forgiveness had I not truly experienced it to the level that I have? It would not be possible for me to do and on national television! God created you for something specific and it may very well be that your mess will become your message that will be your message; and once you live life in forgiveness it will become so clear that even a fence post would get it. Your life will never be the same. Get ready I say to you today!

Forgiveness was the biggest game changer in my life. I have shared in the past my eye color and voice changed which is true; but it’s so much more than that. It is every single aspect and component of every single part of my life changed. It opened my eyes to seeing people more in line with God’s Word. It opened my heart to becoming more accepting. It opened my eyes to seeing more than I ever could before. Nothing in my life is as it was nor will be as it is in this very moment and the very same would be for you too. How do I know? Because I know God’s Word, His message, and that it never returns void. I know that your heart will be forever changed and as it is; so will you. And my dear friend; you are worthy of that.