What Happens When You Believe God Hates You?!.

In the wake of tragedy or any life event that hits the hearts of people typically one of two things occur: they either turn toward God or turn from Him. One is in seeking understanding, peace and solace while the other too is seeking of understanding although in more of a justification of proving that God is a god of hate. The question based upon the latter is what happens when you believe God hates you? I can answer that.

Growing up I experienced dysfunction on many levels. With my biological mother as a toddler we lived in a car and then she abandoned me. As a child being ripped away from my mother and put into the back of the black car on that day with no toys or blankets with the CIA looking people I experienced rejection and its damaging effects beyond what any toddler ever should. If a mother doesn’t love her child then how could God? If God is love and my mother left me then did He not fill her with the capacity to love? And why was I the one who suffered because of it? For years I couldn’t grasp the love of the Father because of the lack of love from both mother and father.

Now on the flipside I spent 2 years in a foster hone where they truly loved me and I loved them. It was beautiful; probably what most experience in life as children. I was happy and had a family although it wouldn’t last. I was taken from that family too; the one that loved me but at least I had the experience. I was graced with the experience of love and it was beautiful; I just wish it lasted longer. The only reason why it didn’t was because the court paperpushers deemed my foster parents Bob and Emily Dedmond too old to be adoptive parents. How stupid is that? You can keep a child and love it but someone else determines whether or not you are fit because of your age. And so again what was up with the so called God of love? Was I just the one He chose to pick on for some reason? Was it because it was Tuesday? Or just Sunday?

I was adopted and that too simply revealed to me another level of God’s either distain for me or just His pure evil sense of humor. But here is the thing: I get it now. And I pray in Jesus name that you get it too.

I was reminded of the night when I was 5 on my knees newly adopted praying that Jesus would be my escape. Now; don’t ask how I knew 1) to pray that or 2) who Jesus was as I can’t answer that. What I do know is that in the midst of every trial and triumph He has been with me and He has been there with you too. His Word tells is in Psalm 27 that He will never leave you nor forsake you. That means ‘never’. And so what happens when you think God hates you? I’ll tell you. You will live like it:

1- Your ability to love will not be evident. It is not possible to love without Jesus for His is love. There is a difference of living in love and hate and when you turn your back on the Lord you stop all flow of what is good because His Word also tells us that He withholds no good thing. Love is a good thing and without it; there is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

2- Your outlook will be death and not life. Have you ever been around someone who sees the glass empty? Forget half full but just empty. And of course it’s cloudy too and dirty and funk filled on the bottom. Yep. No life because there is no God. Death is all consuming just as life is yet one produces and multiplies and the other steals and diminishes. When I believed God hated me I lived in turmoil of a downward spiral because of the pain. It was the lies I believed and not the Truth that kept me with the devil’s outlook. I was in essence; a tool used by the devil.

3- You will find every way to justify the wrong to prove His hate. Oh yes this is a big one dear reader. When things go wrong it’s so easy to find all the other wrong things. I did that for years; decades to be exact. Unforgiveness is the open doorway that also keeps your eyes distorted to the truth. It’s easy to see everything negative when you are looking at it. And of course God is just a god of hate wrong because people choose sin and turn their backs on Him never mind the free will part of the equation. Everything in my life for so long was just to justify how right I was in saying God hated me and sure I had enough ammunition to prove it; although I can surely attest that I have more to prove He is a God of Love instead.

4- Your life will lack joy, purpose, peace and direction. When you turn your back on God where will you go? What will be the purpose of your life? Spreading death? Sure right; because what else would you produce? It’s not like there would be joy or purpose when God hates you so you think in your mind. It can’t be right? God created you for a purpose and without Him how can you know that that purpose is? It’s not like the universe really is going to tell you- let’s be real. The God that created the universe is bigger than the universe so trying to go to something lesser of God is a waste of your time. Just go to the God of world and you will see. But yet if you think He hates you the lies will take hold and keep you trapped. Rebuke the lies as you are worth more than that!

5- You will move further from Him. When you believe and receive the lie that God hates you; you will only move further from Him. You can’t move closer now can you? Think about it: if you hate someone or believe someone hates you it’s not like you are going to edge closer right? What would be the point? And so on it will go you moving closer from the Lord because you experienced the issues of life or a tragedy that disrupted it. It happens to us all I can assure you. You are not alone and sometimes it’s the tragedy that is used to bring is closer to Him. Don’t lose that opportunity by letting lies become truths.

6- Your days will be shorter. When you think God hates you your days will be shorter. Not only this they will be shorter on so many levels. Your purpose-smaller. Your joy- less. Your outlook-tiny. So what is lengthened? Nothing. Living for death isn’t living so know that God is on your side and He has the best in store for you. Just look up and you will see. I did and it’s beautiful.

7- You will miss out on experiencing and seeing the beauty and heart of God. For the longest time I couldn’t understand how this God; this oh so powerful God would let children suffer. I couldn’t understand why He would allow me to experience such pain and loss day in and day out. Why would He allow abuse, loss of a baby, loss of loved ones; lack poverty pain. Why? I struggled with that for so long because I just didn’t get it. Until one day I did.

You see; it wasn’t His intent at all for us to experience it. Go back to Genesis. Read the beginning and you will see. God created us to be in relationship with Him and for us to experience His love. Because of the choices of Adam and Eve (which by the way her name didn’t come to be until after they disobeyed) we are born into sin. We are born into a nature of rebellion. We are born with choices to think what we want and to accept the Truth or the lies. When I started understanding and receiving that God loves me and that He doesn’t hate me my entire life changed.

God is on my side and He’s on yours too. In the midst of trials and tragedy He is there; wanting to comfort you-to give you peace. Remember He gave His son for you so He too knows loss and the emptiness which is something I hadn’t thought of myself for a long time. God wants more of you than you can imagine so He can pour more of Him into you. Let Him. Let Him show you just how much He loves you. You will never be the same in Jesus name.


Today’s Scripture

Romans 8:31 ‘What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?’


Forgiveness Tip #15

Forgiveness shows others you love them more than hate their mistakes.


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