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Your gifts to this ministry help us to share the gospel worldwide and continue to raise up disciples for Christ.

We are always in need of resources in order to continue to share and expand the gospel of Jesus Christ. The need for prayer and volunteers are additional ways that you can give. Give only if you feel led by the Holy Spirit for the Lord loves a cheerful giver.

Giving is so powerful and when we release what we have; we can accomplish so much more. We can never forget that we have the ability to give because He first gave. Through that; giving in prayer is so powerful and indescribable. Mountains are moved, strongholds are broken; and miracles can take place. Julie Blair Ministries needs prayers and continually.  We thank you for your giving through prayer and ask that you pray as the Holy Spirit leads as well and or stand in agreement with us in prayer for the following:

Please pray in Jesus name:

  1. Open and strategic doors for the message of Truth of Christ to be heard worldwide with increased territory taken for His Kingdom through Julie Blair Ministries. (Col 4:3)
  2. Continued increase favor, wisdom, revelation and understanding; protection and increase in measure of faith and testimonies coming forth through Julie Blair Ministries in Jesus name throughout the world. (Psalm 27:11, James 1:5, Luke 17:5)
  3. Great health, strength, focus, clarity and spirit led speaking and living for Julie Blair Ministries and all employees, families and partners. (3 John 1:2)
  4. More souls will be won for Christ around the world and that those who receive Christ continue to seek Him for all the days of their lives .  (Mark 16:1)
  5. Brothers and sisters around the world are protected in all ways always in their going and coming, led to and kept safe; and led from all types of conflict in every realm. (Psalm 91)
  6. People would turn their hearts toward love and forgiveness in Christ through hearing and seeing messages from Julie Blair messages. (Psa 119:36)
  7. Our partner ministries are blessed, protected and that every need they have is met in Jesus name without any delays, hindrances or obstacles. (Phi 4:19)
  8. All assignments in every type, format and dimension from the enemy and his agents against Julie Blair and her family, Julie Blair Ministries, Julie Blair Ministries partners and their families, and all those who are associated with Julie Blair in any capacity are canceled and that all enemies are rerouted with confusion upon them.
  9. Julie Blair Ministries is positioned to be found at any time in any way through any portal by those that are seeking Jesus Christ and that their lives are turned toward Christ as a result.
  10. Continued protection in all travels and that all harassing, tormenting and retaliatory spirits be removed from Julie Blair’s paths and that she arrives safely to all destinations in a timely manner without fail in Jesus name to accomplish the assigned mission for His Name’s sake.
  11. All resources needed for ministry operations flow continuously and perpetually without fail, obstacle, hindrance or delay so that everything to be completed through Julie Blair Ministries is completed in the ordained time without fail for His Name’s Sake and that those who give in any capacity are blessed for their obedience as a result.
  12. Everything ordained for Julie Blair and Julie Blair Ministries is released from all grips, holds, withdraws, hidings or stashings from the enemy and his partners and that upon release those obedient are blessed and that Jesus is glorified and His Kingdom expanded.
  13. The name and message of Jesus Christ is glorified through Julie Blair Ministries for all the days to come.

We thank you for standing with us and being a generous giver by giving in faith through your prayers. We speak protection over you and that you are increased in wisdom and faith i your own life as you step out with us We know that your prayers are heard, effective and will help us to continue to share the gospel and message of Jesus Christ. If you wish to give in other ways please only do so a led here.