Getting & Being Prepared for Calamity

America is in a free-fall; there should be no doubt. We have turned our backs on God and in such a smug fashion it’s amazing that it hasn’t already collapsed to be honest. The ways of the Lord that once were are now mocked and the ways of Satan and his perverseness are celebrated and what is more sickening is that the Christians are right in on the celebration of perversion at it’s highest level. It’s time friends to get and be prepared as a society with such anti-God antics will not be sustainable in the eyes of the Lord.

Case in point, Alaska now has council meetings with open prayer in the name of Satan; yeah and no outcry from Christians! Oh- and those Christians in attendance said nothing. How sickening. How can a body of people who claim to walk in the power and authority of Christ be so fearful and weak? So I ask you- where are you? Standing for something or falling in silence for death?

Just in case you missed that NYC has just reported that over 500 in NYC have been infected with Zika. Now whether or not you care about the little mosquito let it be known that mosquitoes are carries for more deaths worldwide than anything else in the world. Who knew such something so tiny was so deadly?!

These events are just separate from the corrupt lifestyle, murder and lies that come from the first female president candidate. Separate from the not so nice things spoken from her opponent. Let it be known across America pastors are praying for a cancellation of the election as a whole because of the pure evil and wickedness that it is breeding.

In the midst of calamity to come upon this nation the question really is are you prepared? Sure you may think that your prayers will save you or that your faith is enough except that faith without works is dead; or that rapture that you believe will be yours escape plan- yeah when that doesn’t work then what? What will you do?

Do you know Jesus? And if you do- do you hear and obey Him? If not it’s time to start now so that you aren’t left standing in the cold; like the virgins with no oil.

Julie Blair is President of Julie Blair Ministries that helps people worldwide grow in Christ. To learn more about going deeper in Christ or to have Julie speak to your church or business visit

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