Forgiving the Politics for Foster Families

Politics tends to get in the way of too much in our society. Politics in schools, relationships, business, the Church; and now even with couples who want to foster children. When are we going to set the politicking aside to see the bigger picture of what we are doing? When are we all going to start living in forgiveness and stop creating such chaos that simply creates more division among people, cities; and the great USA?

Case in point: Brian and Valerie Wilson of Nevada are denied the right to foster childre. The reason? They have state issued firearm permits; and they have firearms.   In order to own firearms legally one must go through the process and this couple did; however, nowthey are not deemed appropriate foster parents. Since when does one have anything to do with the other? Perhaps those on welfare should have their children taken from them because they don’t work? Perhaps those with swimming pools too should have their children taken away because well; children can drown? And perhaps anyone with a vehicle should not be allowed to parent either because a child may get behind the wheel or suffer an accident. Perhaps parents who work should not be allowed to foster either because they would have to work and not be at home 100% of the time. Or better yet; if parents have hobbies of archery, 4-wheeling, or baseball too should not be able to foster children because those may be seen as weapons. Never mind the children needing placement. Oh and no don’t let couples wanting to foster have dogs or cats either!  Let’s just disallow people from being parents because of politicking. Why not? It seems to become the American way!

While this may not have any relevance to you; it does to me and let me share why. I lived in a foster home. I lived in one for 2 years. My foster parents wanted to adopt me but someone behind a desk who pushes paper deemed the family that loved me that I grew to love as being ‘too old’ to be parents. So after 2 years I was removed! And that is what happens when politicking gets in the middle of lives. People get hurt and devastated; but never mind that right?  Children are wanting to be adopted but because of the politicking are left in foster homes only to age out of the system. They end up with more emotional issues than one can imagine but again; it’s all about politicking and laws to ‘protect’ people right?  I know first hand what it’s like to be in a place of wanting a family and seeing my foster parents Bob and Emily do everything they could to keep me; but to no avail. Thanks politics.

So here we have families wanting to help and yet politics keeps them from doing so. Should this be a shock? I guess when you look around no. When- and at what point are we going to get out of own way and forgive one another for the laws created just because of what we don’t like or don’t want to side with? When are we going to stop being against this or against that in the name of a political party and just stand together for what is right for those who cannot stand for what is right on their own? Does not the US Constitution have any meaning in the land of the free? Or have we come to such a place where you can have the right to own a firearm you just have all of your other rights stripped away from you because yet again; we have to play politics?

Until we as a people and country start standing together with one another  in love and forgiveness instead of against one another we will continue to have what we have. Politics, backbiting, hatred, riots; divorce, suicide; and everything else that we are seeing negative at increase in higher rates. Until we get that we have got to get over ourselves we are going to have more problems and the saddest; is that those coming after us are those who will be suffering the most. On this day; forgive yourself for playing politics. Forgive yourself for not standing up for those who aren’t able to. Forgive yourself if you are lawmaker bought at a price that is worthless in the big scheme of things. Forgive and pray for families who want to foster, who want to adopt and for those who need adopting. With more than 300,000 children in need if we let politics rule; we all miss out. With forgiveness, love and prayer in our hearts we can not only change our own lives; but the lives of our neighbors,communities, cities, regions, nation and the world. So stand with me in love and forgive. And pray that Nevada changes the laws to help those who want to help be of help.