Forgiving the Past

It’s interesting that the past is time gone by yet most people stay living there. It is evidenced by the lives they lead yet because most are living there no one sees it as abnormal. What is sad is that truly in our society was once was normal is no longer and the abnormal is normal; and that is not normal. Living in the past is not normal when the present and future are here and coming at a quicker rate! . The best news is that there is a way out!

You see; forgiveness in Christ frees you from your past and I thought I knew forgiveness. I ‘thought’ I forgave. I thought that just because I said the words that was it; you know like that blab it and grab it or spit it and get theology many ascribe to. But yet nothing changed and I knew it not. It wasn’t until I was faced with being required to forgive that things changed. Through the process of forgiving people I also had to forgive my past. That sounded like the strangest thing because the past is ‘time gone by’ yet it in grammatical terms is a ‘noun’ and it robbed me. My past was the enemy that came only to kill, steal and destroy. It did a number on my and what I did not know was that I was still allowing it to have its foothold on my current life. I was robbed of much in my childhood and when I learned what it meant to forgive the past it was like removing an ankle strap. Maybe you haven’t had my past although you have your own. It doesn’t matter if it’s regret over a career choice, situation with your parents where you don’t measure up; it doesn’t matter. It’s time to be free!

Forgiving the past is not easy. It is the letting go of what may be something painful to progress toward something wonderful; your future in Christ. You cannot have a full future in Christ living in unforgiveness of the past. You simply cannot. One will always win and the direction you look is the direction where you will live. And sure you can say you are looking forward; although if you are not aware that there are almost 40 symptoms of unforgiveness then you just may want to not be so quick to judge. I had to to learn that lesson to and it was hard; but pride comes before a fall. Don’t fall just inquire.

I encourage you to truly go before the Lord and inquire of Him. Ask Him if you need to forgive anyone or even your past. Don’t just take your own mind’s word for it as that is dumb; because remember it’s the same mind that gets you into trouble so thinking without the Lord that it will get you out is ridiculous. But go to Him. Let Him reveal to you and ask that He does so in a way that ‘you can understand’ so that you are free. You will be free to live the future ‘He’ has for you. You will be free from the traps of the past; and you will be free to be the real you that has been there all along. It will prove to be your biggest breakthrough without a doubt!

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