Forgiving Others Before Dating

Single people are funny. They just are. Married people are too but not in the way single people are. Single people want to be married yet in order to even get to the status of dating someone that person must meet their criteria list of 1,000 items that simply are not attainable. Oh- you have too many stubbles on your face- can’t do that. Nope. It’s not like he couldn’t just shave right ladies?

If you are single and want to date and then marry someone are you living with too many expectations of that person you don’t even know? Have you placed so many perimeters on the person that regardless of what changes may occur in that person you have just disregarded him or her? I can tell you from experience- stop. Just stop now. Forgive yourself for thinking that someone else is going to be just like you and that you are so much better than all the others because quite frankly; everyone who is single is really in the same boat. So what makes you so high and mighty that you can demand and command all the things from someone that really don’t even exist or matter in the first place?  Don’t you want someone who will love you for who you are- then why would you not get yourself in position to do the same? You can’t be the ‘I want you to love me just the way I am; muffin top and all- but honey before I love you I need to see more hair and a six-pack’ and expect that will garner you anything of quality.

See; if you want to date someone just like you go date yourself. Period. You will have a ball and no one to argue with or blame. What a perfect life of bliss you will enjoy all by yourself. Have fun in the nursing home!

On the other hand; if you actually want to branch out and meet and date that wonderful person open your mind. Open your heart. Recognize that while that person isn’t 6’1″ that 6’0″ is ok; especially if either height is still taller than you are. Open your mind to see that while someone may not be where ‘you’ think he or she should be; perhaps that person was just waiting for you to go on that journey there with you. Open your mind that relationships are a journey and when you don’t see that you miss what it’s about.

Forgive yourself for being so closed minded because folks; the last thing you would want to do is spend your life judging everyone for not being what you think when in reality; all those people you judged found someone wonderful and left you standing alone. Judge that.