Forgiving even the NFL

There is a lot of controversy right now in the NFL regarding concussions and how much the league actually knew, when they knew it; and why they didn’t protect the players. All are valid questions for investigation without a doubt.

In following this situation it’s ugly. It’s emotional. It’s people’s lives and livelihood on the line. It’s their mental capacity to perform their job and to be protected while doing it. Sure some can ask if playing football is a job but that’s for another time and discussion. Today; it’s getting to a place of peace before the situation causes more pain.

See; studies continue to reveal that forgiveness and all of its symptoms manifest things like hypertension and arthritis as a Harvard study found a few years ago. In such the situation as the NFL and concussions; the last thing any of these hurt players need is to cause more pain. More pain is only what unforgiveness breeds.

Getting through life is difficult alone with forgiveness because it’s an all day every day job. Getting through life with unforgiveness and all that comes with it will only make every area of life that much harder. If there is a concussion involved and you add some anger, bitterness and resentment to it you have a concoction that will only hurt you more in the end.

Does this mean we minimize the situation? Of course not! Players made the choice to play and the league made the choices that it made; it’s no different than when anyone else in life makes a choice. In this case; forgiving self for playing the game and seeking the glory that comes with it could be something of discussion. Forgiving the NFL for what is believed to be deceitful actions is something for forgiveness. And finally; living a life where you are not stopped by something that eats you alive is really where living a life of value is.

It will be interesting to see what happens in this lawsuit and how Dan Marino responds when he didn’t even want his name to be included in the lawsuit in the first place! That just means he may have one or two more things to forgive. And that in reality; makes him no different than any of the rest of us!