Forgiving the Anger of the Feminists

The NFL represents much in American culture. It’s manly, masculine; and all things men. It’s not ice skating or pink; and that appears to be what the feminists hate.

The feminist movement is paving the way for their own infiltration into the NFL and who is stopping them? No one! Not only single man has commented regarding this. Case in point, ‘Commissioner Goodell has been consulting with Kim Gandy, president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, or NNEDV, and the former head of NOW.

Under pressure by feminist groups, Goodell appointed four liberal activist women to head up a “social responsibility” panel that will oversee the NFL’s “policy and procedures” on domestic violence, including Anna Isaacson, Lisa Friel, Janet Randel and Rita Smith.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that there are women who are violent toward their boyfriends, fiance’s and husbands? Did you know that every 9 seconds a man batters a woman- but every ‘8’ second a woman batters a man? YES! Can you believe that? And we don’t talk about that now do we?

Why is it that not one woman has come out stating that Hope Solo should not be allowed to play soccer because of her domestic violence situation? Why? Why feminists why? Why are you silent? Is it just because it’s not convenient and you can’t do the damage that you can do by tearing down men and their sport? Are you that hateful and jealous?  Do you not realize that you are ruining it for those of us woman who are not on board with your hateful agendas? If the men were trying to come in and spoil your party with the same hatred would you tolerate it? Of course not! You would ruin them before they knew what was happening! Men why are you allowing it? Oh- I forgot if you defend yourself you are just a woman hater. Never mind then- I get it.

But now dear reader what must be seen is this: the feminist movement and their hatred toward anything that isn’t fitting their men hating ideas isn’t the issue. It’s a symptom of the issue. Do you get that? You need to see the bigger picture. And see it fast.

Women who have no problems bashing, trashing and thrashing men reveal much about their character. Women aren’t born with such hatred or hurtful agendas as to remove the masculinity of men from society; leaving real women with nothing but weenie men to pick from.  Nope. We were not created for the purpose of hate. It’s something underneath pushing it all and the feminists continue to breed and spread more than the liberal media will ever report.

When you are able to see this; your heart for these women will change. Your heart for them will probably hurt. I know mine does. There is nothing wrong with men having their sports. There is nothing wrong with people disciplining their children. If you grew up in the 70’s and didn’t get hit with a switch or experience a wooden spoon you were out of the norm. There is nothing wrong with standing up for domestic violence as it’s simply not right. But if you are going to stand up don’t be a hypocrite about it.

There is something wrong with a double standard. There is something wrong with hatred of gender because of personal issues. There is something terribly wrong with the behavior and expectations of women upon men. There is something terribly wrong with organizations such as the NFL who cower down to those women who will end up doing more harm than good. This isn’t just domestic violence; this is warfare as it’s most strategic level. There is something wrong when we don’t see this. Until we get to the root of the issue and stand up and pray for one another and love one another- it won’t end. So now what are you going to do to stand up and get others to stand with you? If you don’t the abuse by women for their own benefit will continue regardless of actually gives or gets the first punch.