Forgiveness of Other People’s Expectations

People have expectations. Such is life. It’s when people have and place expectations on others that can cause more problems than people realize. What most don’t realize is that most will have an expectation. Society has expectations. Churches have expectations. Companies have expectations. Families too have expectations. None are immune. For me it was a few days ago when I expected that the person in line in front of me to order his food would have been ready to order after standing and waiting for 4 minutes. But no; the person had to think about it. But I digress.  It’s when you recognize that just because people have expectations; how you interact with them is on you. Just because someone sends you a text for instance; doesn’t mean you have to reply in .5 seconds.  Forgiveness of the expectations of others is what can set you free.

You see; everywhere you go there is an agenda. The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy so it reads in John 10:10. Now you define who the enemy is in your life. is it the media telling you what to think? Perhaps the advertisers of companies making you believe you need to have a new cell phone every 2 months. Or maybe it’s your family pushing you to have children when you haven’t even decided you want to marry the person you have been dating a hot minute. Don’t want that law degree?  It doesn’t matter what it is. You need to be on watch so you don’t fall into the trap of what others want to put on you to live. You are the one living with the consequences of the choices that you make. Forgive others for putting something on you that they don’t even know they are pushing!

Jeremiah 29:11 is clear that God has a plan for you. God does! Now the caveat is that it is your responsibility to get it.  Once you get your assignment from God then the expectations and plans of others are of no issue or consequence to you. So where does one begin in gaining and living in freedom?

1. Recognize that others have a plan for your life. It doesn’t matter who the ‘others’ are because it’s just you recognizing it.

2. Forgive those who have put their plan for your life upon you. They probably are not even aware of what they are doing.

3- Forgive yourself for falling into the trap of allowing the plans of others to become yours. Whatever you allow in your life is responsibility.

4- Ask God to reveal His purpose and plan for your life. And guess what? He will!

5- Start living it! There is no time like right now for you to start living!

People typically will do what they know how to do. And for you; it’s simply forgive the plans and expectations and get to living your most abundant life without barriers!


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