Forgiveness and Narcissitic Personality Disorder

Have you ever thought about your choices on any given day?

In these times to come the Bible tells us more will be boastful, lovers of self; self-seeking and on it goes. One only need to look at commercials and television programs or the politics and see it! The Narcissistic Personality Disorder is truly operating yet the good news is that He came to set the captives free! And one way to get free is to be obedient to God’s Word where it commands us to forgive. There are no conditions just do it if you want to live in the abundance that Christ died for.

As you spend more time in God’s Word your life will change. It will become about more than what you have made it to be thus far. It will be about a purpose that you cannot get to while living in unforgiveness. Why? Because unforgiveness is direct disobedience to Christ. It is separation from God and it blocks your hearing from Him. How can you get to the place of knowing your purpose when you are separated from the One who has it?

Forgiveness is about overcoming self to be more about Jesus. It is about removing the NPD from your life to make it about something bigger, better and life lasting.

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