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Forgiveness Isn’t About You

As society has made everything about self; forgiveness has been in the mix too. Many people prescribe or even advertise forgiveness as just the next feel good method; all about self. Forgive so that you feel better. Forgive so that  you can move on. Forgive. Forgive so that you can this or that. What most don’t recognize though is that the purest forgiveness isn’t about you. No. Forgiveness isn’t about you.

Our society has misplaced what is right and wrong, what is moral and immoral and it’s become all about self-pleasure, self-indulgence and self-righteousness. And forgiveness will help you continue to live in that smell of euphoria. But lets get real: Forgiveness isn’t about self. it’s about overcoming self! And therein lies the reason why so many aren’t getting it.  Let me explain what forgiveness is truly about:

1-Forgiveness is about your obedience to Christ. Period. When you make forgiveness about you where is God in that? If it were all about you then you truly would not need Jesus as your savior.  You would be your own God as many believe they are.

We as a society have the motives entirely wrong. Forgiving just so you can feel better isn’t what it is about at all! It’s so much bigger than you.  It’s about the Jesus who died so that you could be free! Your obedience to His Word is the only way to become free. And you don’t need any type of drug to be free. Your freedom is the free gift with purchase; of His blood.  With this said; you will feel better when you forgive although that is merely a benefit of the act of obedience in forgiving and not the reason that you should forgive.

Remember that the Lord knows the purity of your heart; He knows your motives. Are your motives just doing something to get something? That is works based and no different than the message of the Law and what the Pharisees followed. If your heart is after Jesus and your heart is focused on being obedient regardless of the cost then forgiving is just part of that. As you enter the process of forgiveness you will experience that you are stronger than you think because your motivating factor will be obedience working for you instead of your emotions and feelings working against you.

2. Forgiveness is about overcoming yourself through your obedience to Christ. It’s hard in a society to recognize that we really are that self-absorbed but if you look around closely you will see it. The good news is that it is possible to overcome yourself and even more possible to live in the rewards of it!  In revelation 3:21 it tells us, ‘To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.’ Now we know that Jesus overcame death on the cross and that it was His obedience that led the way.

We are no different and our obedience to Christ above all is what we must get.  It is clear that our society and even many church sermons have dumb downed the messages in recent decades to preach whatever the people want to hear; whatever makes them feel good and tithe more. In doing so we have lost souls because the severity of God’s Word means nothing. Repentance means nothing and what has been celebrated instead is that Jesus approves of everyone doing everything; regardless of it is sin or not. We can’t continue to send this deceitful message because it will only prove to kill more than it already has.

When we get that forgiveness is a command and that in forgiving we are demonstrating that we are overcoming the pain, the past; the whatever life has brought to overcome by obedience to Him.  We in essence are not allowing unforgiveness to rule and justify our sinful behavior while focusing on everything else other than Jesus Christ.  We are instead going to see the larger picture of life and what it really means when it is written that He came to set the captives free that we are free indeed. In order to stay that way and live as an overcomer though will require obedience above all. And remember that obedience; is worth more than sacrifice. And you are worth giving that to the Almighty.


Today’s Scripture

Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.


Forgiveness Tip #13

Forgiveness is about your level of obedience to Christ.



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