Forgiveness Is Your Deliverance

Before I understood forgiveness I was probably like you; heard to do it and went about life. It was something to give some thought to after a nice sermon by the preacher but that one thing that was never really important enough to actually get put on the ‘to do’ list. As such I never knew that forgiveness is deliverance; and that forgiveness really is your deliverance too.

What many experience in their walk with the Lord are some blessings and a breakthrough here and there; and they are ok with it. Others may take it personal and begin to blame God. “Why isn’t God blessing me with this or that” the proverbial question is.  It continues on all the while the same people are blaming the devil and go on the attack on every little thing which sounds super spiritual; although it still is not getting to the point of problem. Breakthrough still is not occurring and it can’t until other choices are made. More often than not you are your problem and hindrance; not the devil and most certainly not the Lord!

When you get to the place of realizing that blaming God or the devil for what you are choosing to not do your life will change. Period. So blaming God isn’t going to solve the problem. He didn’t choose unforgiveness for you- you did. Heck it was Him who choose His Son to die on your behalf! Blaming the devil is laughable because he’s sitting over there laughing at how ignorant you are because you are choosing to rebel against God by being unforgiving; so he wins.  All the while you hate and doubt God for your problems he’s just kicking back with his stupid cronies have a good ol time. He doesn’t even have to do anything! He gets you to and then you live in it- and don’t even see it. It’s really time to see it, start moving those mountains and living above and not below because God certainly did not allow His Son to die on that cross to that Christians today can live poor and miserable believing that that is God’s best. That is not so stop wearing misery like a badge of honor.

Psalm 18:21-24 is pretty clear:  “For I have kept the ways of the Lord, and have not wickedly departed from my God. For all his judgments were before me, and I did not put away his statutes from me. I was also upright before him, and I kept myself from mine iniquity.Therefore hath the Lord recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.”(KJV)

Living in unforgiveness is a choice just as much as living in forgiveness is; the only difference is that unforgiveness is against God. It is rebellion to His Word, His ways; and ultimately His plan for your life. His Word commands forgiveness. There is no way to reroute this and whether you agree or not does not change the Word nor does it change the consequences of disobedience to it. When this revelation is received; your life will change.

Deliverance will come through forgiveness. It is different for every person but rest assured; you will never be the same in Jesus name when you forgive. Never! You cannot be. When you forgive you are relinquishing all of it to the Lord so that He can work through you, in you, for you; and all for His glory and Kingdom. On the other hand; your unforgiveness will only keep you in bongage and that of being a victim, never growing in the Lord or as a person; and your life won’t ever be filled with the peace and abundance that comes with a life lived in Him. As such you will simply be used as a tool for the enemy and really what a waste of life. Don’t lose years like I did being used like that. Move the mountain and start living for Him who deserves it.

Many people pray for deliverance. I get requests all the time from people saying the same thing: “I just want Him to deliver me” and guess what? He will- when ‘you’ apply His Word! Remember it is God who will arm you with strength and make your way perfect; if only you let Him.

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