Forgiveness is of the Essence

If you look around you may notice things changing; and rapidly. During this time you don’t want to less forgiveness pass you by. No unforgiveness is like the thief in the night and if you are not careful you will lose your life. And you are worth more than dying from unforgiveness; don’t you think?

You see; it’s easy to be unforgiving. Society makes it so easy. The State of Oklahoma recently removed the 10 Commandments, in Los Angeles just yesterday the streets were blocked by muslims because it was their prayer time. And if that isn’t enough the people who made the videos outting Planned Parenthood are being indicted. Statues of former presidents are being removed because some find them offensive and on it goes. And still; we must forgive. Forgive before it’s too late. We must love and love before it’s too late.

It is vital to recognize the ploy of the enemy. It simply stated in scripture is to kill, steal and destroy. If you are not on the offense living in forgiveness then by default you are on the defense and trust me; that is no way to live! The thing you must know is that once you live in forgiveness you don’t ever want to go back to living any other way; regardless of what buildings are burning or who is killing whom around you. You will recognize that your heart and the heart of others is too precious. You will recognize the love of Jesus is far greater than you could have ever imagined. You will stand firm on the Word of God regardless of what someone else thinks or attempts to force you to do. You will not be swayed-no not you.

And so on this day recognize that things are changing. The stock market is moving, the color of America is not what it once was and the world may be getting smaller but it doesn’t mean it’s a better place. But rest assured when you live in forgiveness in Christ there is no weapon formed against you that will stand. But; if you choose to be disobedient it will not only impact you but those around you and now is the time for us to impacting the lives of others and not infecting them. We have enough infection it’s time to be filled with forgiveness and love and hope for that future we all have and while we still can.

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