Forgiveness & Inheriting His Kingdom

Did you know that through love and obedience in Christ in all things you will inherit the Kingdom? Yep. But if you choose to ignore His ways and teachings then you miss out. You will not inherit anything but what you deserve. Period. Tough lesson but it’s the reality of what happens when you disregard God and His Word.

I missed out on for a long time. I thought I was doing right by going to church. I didn’t grow up in the church I grew up in the world. And so it was just show up on Sunday with your best clothes on. That is what I knew.

I went to the bar Saturday night and I thought I was cool setting my midnight curfew and then church on Sunday. It’s what everyone else did so why not? It doesn’t matter what city you are in; it’s the same. I didn’t realize it until I moved and saw it. Dallas is no different than Denver is no different than Seattle; no different than Nova Scotia. Churchgoers all around yet where is the power and authority in Christ? Where is the love? Where is the forgiveness? Where is the obedience to all of God’s Word? I thought those 2 hours a week  would really get me to the fullness of Christ- NOT! There was no fruit; there can’t be. It’s like straddling a wooden fence and thinking you won’t get splinters.

I was told years later if I wanted radical change in my life and relationship with Jesus it would require 40+ hours per week; and the man that told me wasn’t kidding. I didn’t know what that meant or how 40 hours would work out with  hockey season starting and all. I wasn’t sure how I would endure all of it but I chose and it was worth it. Beyond anything I can tell you!

You must choose. You must adopt the full lifestyle of being a follower of Jesus if you claim you are; otherwise you are making everyone else and yourself look like idiots. It’s not a very  good witness and I know you know you that. I know that you may not know what to do with yourself if you don’t go the bar; and in Dallas I get it. But it’s everywhere and the choice is still yours. Why not choose the better thing? Jesus is better than a night at the bar. He’s better with you alone anywhere than you with some stranger who’s name you don’t know. He is better than anything you could have experienced with anyone around you; and He is waiting for more of that just with you. With you; no pretense just you and Him.

You see time is running out. Look around. It is really running out and you don’t want to miss out all because you thought the scotch tasted good and he or she was attractive. You don’t want to miss out for one more sale that isn’t going to really get you the dream job that you already know won’t make you happy. Time is running out. Make the choice for what is most important. In the end you can’t take your career, BMW 3 series of Christian Louboutin’s with you. But you can take the love of Jesus with you!

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