Forgiveness and Financial Breakthrough

One of the things about unforgiveness is how it’s tied to finances. If you are believing God for a financial breakthrough and it hasn’t yet happened; there is a reason. And it isn’t because you don’t work hard or enough. There is always a reason and most don’t recognize the element of forgiveness. Most people don’t get this. They simply blame God will increasing their level of bitterness and resentment and refusal to forgive. Oh how the cycle continues.

God’s Word is clear and no it doesn’t change because we may not like it. It’s us that must change and in His Word there are a few requirements in order to receive His blessings. Obedience to His Word is one such way and well; forgiveness is a command- something to obey.

In Matthew 6:14-15 it tells us, ‘For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.’ (NIV)

So- if you are not forgiving God won’t forgive you. Period. So that peace you want, that joy that’s been lost; that breakthrough in your finances. Yeah it won’t come. It can’t. There are no rewards for disobedience; regardless of what the world tells you. If you treat others with unforgiveness how would you treat the finances that God would bless you with?

Now the other caveat to this is that it isn’t about just forgiving and forgetting. There is a step further and one that many miss. They spend their time ‘forgiving’ others and sure that is required except Acts 3:19 gives is more that must be taken into consideration. “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,…”(NIV) Most people who have to forgive also need to repent because more often than not there is the harboring of unforgiveness which is a sin against God, there is bitterness, resentment; and all the other cousins. With all this turmoil operating how could God bring storehouses of financial blessings your way?

You see; God has plans for you there is no doubt. His Word is clear. The financial breakthrough will be able to enter when there is obedience. When I forgave my mother for all she had done to me I was also freed financially; and also in my faith. Before forgiving my ideas and thoughts toward money were distorted. It would have been a total set up by God to financially bless me before I fully forgave because if the order came from God for me to give to my mother- I never would have. Seriously I would not have. I hated her and who wants to give to people they hate? If you are going through a divorce and you haven’t yet forgiven and God tells you to give your spouse 70% and not 50% would you? Or would just resent every minute of it? Would you actually do it? Or would you just justify all the reasons why the other person is not worth it? Would you then have your list of all the stuff you have done good and that it all should be yours? Yep- now do you see the pickle you put yourself in? I had to be healed of all of that because my mother has great needs and I didn’t want to give once cent to her; and now that my heart and life have been healed and restored being a giver to her is now part of who I am. It is you too you just may need to get there.

God can’t bring to you all that He wants if you don’t let Him. If you want breakthrough in any capacity it will require you taking the step toward Him as He is waiting; just waiting to give you everything- and yes including a financial blessing. But if God can’t trust you and you choose to not trust Him then you are at a stale mate. No one wins. There is no breakthrough but only breakdown. Breakdown in your life and state of it; along with in some ways breakdown in impact for God’s Kingdom.

He didn’t intend for you to be poor and pride yourself on it like many Christians do. They wear it like it’s an honor and then live so selfishly in fear because if they were to give they won’t have- yet in actuality they will have more! But it starts with being obedient in repenting for harboring unforgiveness, asking for forgiveness and then walking and living in it. As you experience breakthrough; your finances and everything else will break through too.

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