Forgiveness When He Doesn’t Call

You’ve probably been there at some point in your life. It’s a dating jungle out there and a dog eat dog world. In dating; it’s even trickier and dating is big business. If you are one who has ever done it then you know has exasperating it can be.

Dating is supposed to be great fun; so many so. Is it? There are so many things that come with it and for many women it’s the not knowing that is the biggest issue. The not knowing what ‘I’ll call you’ actually means. In today’s world does it actually mean anything or is it just a simple means of getting away from the situation? One never knows. If you are one who holds on to believing that when he says he will call and doesn’t; forgive. He’s just calling someone else so get yourself ready for the one who will be calling you.

There is nothing worse for women to wonder ‘is he going to call? He said he would. When is he going to call? Why isn’t he calling? Did he lose my number? Perhaps he lost his phone. Maybe I should call him to make sure he’s ok. maybe I should facebook him’ And on it goes to the point of insanity.

The thing is; he will call if he wants to. Your value does not change based upon someone does or does not call you.You are a woman of value and have too much going on to be sidetracked by something like this.  If he said he would call and he doesn’t; forgive him. I say this because the time you would ultimately spend wondering about what you did or didn’t do; wish you could go back and do different, and all the things wrong with you is a distraction. When you simply make the choice to forgive him for not calling; and even for being an idiot for not seeing how wonderful you truly you are free. You are free from wonder. You are free to move about your day and life without any worry or wonder. You are simply free to be.

You may have to walk through something you wouldn’t probably choose to walk through on purpose but it’s life. It’s a journey and the good news is that if he calls you will know and if he doesn’t you will know that too. The best part is that you won’t have lost your joy giving it any more time than necessary because your forgiveness means you are ready for the one who will step up and call.