Forgiveness Comes Through Repentance

There is always talk about forgiveness and many scientists and doctors now affirm the Bible in stating that there is healing through forgiveness. Duh- as if the Bible needs mans approval! But yet again man seems to need to take the long journey around the mountain instead of just opening the Bible and following it. The one thing though that remains though; is that you can take all the science in the world and all the doctors opinions but if there is no repentance; true forgiveness is not in full. Forgiveness without repentance is not full forgiveness How do I know? God’s Word says so and guess what? God’s Word is the authority- whether anyone likes it or not. It does not change because someone who doesn’t understand or like it doesn’t agree. And so forgiveness comes through repentance.

You see; forgiveness kills. No doubt about that. Forgiveness is sin and therefore it would make sense that it would kill. Now it’s called a disease which is ironic because I’m sure there will be a day when people will get disability for having the disease when in reality it is just disobedience that can be cured with repentance; no need for any increase in Obamacare premiums on this one. The message remains. Forgiveness comes through repentance.

Acts 3:19 is very clear: ‘Repent and seek forgiveness, so that times of refreshing may come.’ (NIV) It’s not more clear than that. There is no refreshing until repentance. Therefore; the first step toward forgiveness is repentance. How then can you get to step two if step one is not even identified or taken. It is not possible to pick and choose which step to follow when and how. That is not of God. God is not a god of disorder but rather God is God of order. Therefore; it requires anyone who claims to be a Believer to follow everything in order. I pray you are starting to get the picture.

You may question why you have to repent if someone hurt you. Sounds like a super question but here is the thing: you harboring unforgiveness is just as much a sin as what the person did to you.  Your repentance is not on the other person; it’s on you and you are responsible for it. Plain and simple. You are not repenting of what someone did to you; you are repenting for harboring the unforgiveness! See the difference.

As a result; you can forgive the person for hurting you which is what most do. They think that ends it. They forgive and it’s time to move on. Sure- except one thing:  Your unforgiveness is not about the other person. It is between you and Christ. It is about your personal relationship with Him and your obedience to His Word.  Let it be known that so long as you choose to be disobedient by being unforgiving and repenting of it; it is highly likely that your prayers are not being answered. Why? Because unforgiveness is disobedience and it serves as a blessing blocker. It is so much beyond what the doctors and scientists say! Unforgiveness is a spiritual manifestation that breeds in the physical. Not dealing with it at the root will not bring complete deliverance. It can’t!

What must be understood is the importance of repentance. It is through repentance that people’s lives are changed. It is your repentance for harboring unforgiveness that will change your life; and those of every person you come into contact with. For me personally; I was a victim. Period. I was abandoned at age 3. I was put into a foster home; not by my choice but by some CSI looking people. I was abused physically, verbally and emotionally in my adoptive home and they put me in a homeless shelter at age 15. I was a victim but here is the thing: my unforgiveness was my fault! What occurred to me was horrible and I pray that no one ever experiences what I did and that goes for harboring that much unforgiveness.

My unforgiveness was my disobedience and it is for you too. What other people do is on them and what we choose to do is upon us. You have the choice to choose life or death- forgiveness or unforgiveness. You then have the choice to be obedient to God’s Word and repent of it- or not. I pray that you do. I know the outcome of a life of forigveness through repentance. I have peace. I have a solid relationship with Jesus that can only come through obedience. Not only this; I am at the place where I am living out the full assignment on my life. How about you? Repentance an forgiveness paves the way for you. What we must understand is that nowhere in God’s Word does He approve of sin and disobedience. He just doesn’t. Why would He?

When there is repentance the refreshing times come so it reads in Acts. John 15:10 also spells it out in case you need more: “If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love.” Notice the condition of ‘if’. It’s up to you what you want.

You can choose to play pretend forgiveness and reap the so called benefits. There aren’t many benefits by the way as I did that for decades. Or you can stand up, get over yourself and claim the victory that was already done for you at the cross. You can stand up, repent; and be refreshed. God’s Word never returns void and He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will avenge all that was done to you- should you choose to rest in Him.

“I pray that today in the name of Jesus you would recognize that unforgiveness is as deadly as any other sin, that the enemy preys on you keeping it- and that Jesus is bigger than anything that has occurred to you in your life. I pray you get the revelation that He is for ‘you’ and He has a plan for your life.  I pray that your heart is turned toward Him in repentance and that you lay down the burden of unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness down at the feet of Jesus.  I pray that as you seek Him your life is forever changed. I pray that this isn’t something for some time when you feel like it but that it is for today that your life will be changed through repentance and forgiveness in Jesus Name. Amen.”

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