The Forgiveness Battle

There is a war for you. A war raging to steal, kill and destroy you. Perhaps you know. Perhaps you are fighting; or perhaps you are walking dead. The battle for forgiveness wages with every single action in every day. It doesn’t matter where as if you are looking you will see it. If not careful it will consume you as it does millions on a daily basis.

Unforgiveness kills people without them knowing it. It is more stealth then cancer, ebola; or any other health crisis. The symptoms of those are easy to spot. Unforgiveness not so much. With over 30 symptoms of unforgiveness it moves in steadily like the sly slithering anaconda stalking you without your knowledge of its presence. And how sad we think we know it all and haven’t a clue that we are even in battle much less losing it?

Look around. Look around you I say. What do you see? Do you see it? Of course not! You can’t with the untrained eye. Just ask any sniper his surroundings and they will share what is seen that to most can’t comprehend. Don’t fall victim. Don’t get left behind.

Open your eyes. Open your heart. Be on the lookout. Keep one eye on watch as if you aren’t careful; the moron in traffic may move in. The Starbucks barrista may burst your bubble. The professor may punish. You my friend if not careful may find yourself not so forgiving to the thoughts, ways and actions of those who simply are not aware of what they are doing. ¬†What they do will have impact; but only if you allow them. No one has any power to control you unless you give them permission.

Hence the battle of forgiveness wages on. When you disallow others to have influence or the ability to steal your joy you win. When you choose to forgive the minute and magnificent you are the master of your domain. You are the winner of the battle. You are the forgiveness challenge winner. You are the one with victory that no man can steal from you. And what better place is there to be?