Forgiveness and Wasted Time

Does it feel like time is going by faster? Have you thought about what you are doing with the time that you have now? Are you investing it in your relationship with Jesus or wasting it on hobbies for self gratification? Are you living in unforgiveness? If you are really doing either of these then your time is not being invested wisely; it’s being wasted and all for the glory of the enemy.

It’s easy to waste a year and how it starts is unsuspecting; it starts simply by refusing to forgive which wastes a minute; a minute here a minute there- and a day is gone reflecting on nothing of importance other than who did this or that to you; a weekend spend lounging while taking the all important selfie; a week gone by and as the months creep in so do the wrinkles and bitterness. Yes it happens if you are not aware of it; and most are not aware. They think ‘tomorrow’ yet who even told you that tomorrow was a guarantee?

The enemy knows what he is doing; and sad to say but moreso than those who sit in church every Sunday thinking just because they showered they are better Christians; or that being there means something. It may to those collecting the tithes and offerings but if you are not doing you will be found out.  Don’t be deceived. There is no time for that.

Unforgiveness impacts every person alive; as does wasting time. Not dealing with what must be dealt with only destroys. I wasted decades because I fell into the trap of the word of faith movement where you just claim it and it’s done- yet you can claim something is done but if you do nothing then ummmm; how is anything done? Oh sure I can claim victory that the kitchen is clean all day long but yet remember faith without works is dead. As was I because I never actually forgave though I claimed it all day long. No wonder my life was a mess!

When you are not productive for His Kingdom and living in the fullness of forgiveness and love; you are simply a tool used by the enemy. And remember God did not create people to be unproductive. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 clearly lays it out for us: “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” In other words; laziness never pays! And neither does unforgiveness.

In our society where people are more into themselves and self-gratification in whatever form we need to remember that while you may think you are that important; if your love for yourself is higher than that of the Lord you will reap what you sow. If you believe that unforgiveness isn’t something you need to inquire of the Lord and you are hungry; perhaps the time is now to ask. In reality; the time really is now because there is not much of it left and we all need to be prepared in and out of season. Should we not be then we are only proving how distracted and dead we really are. As the Body of Christ are we not worth more than that? His Word clearly says so! Remember the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy-you! Don’t let it happen. Use your time wisely while you still have it.

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