Forgiveness and the Working Mother

Women are changing the world; whether we like it or not or even think it’s good women are changing the world. Carly Fiori just announced she will run for president for the GOP. Hilary Clinton is giving it a go. And more women are rising up to live their lives in a different way than many may agree with. There must be forgiveness for the working mom (the stay at home mom too but that’s for tomorrow). When we forget or just simply ignore what working mothers do, experience and accomplish we miss it. And let’s not forget that the Proverbs 31 woman worked. Yes folks; she was productive and fruitful in society!

So you may ask: why do working mothers need forgiveness? What do they need forgiveness for? Well besides the obvious that we all need it it’s more than that. If you were to ask any working mother if she has regrets, feels guilty, sometimes feels ashamed, condemns herself, feels like she is lacking, selfish, disorganized; or even falling apart then you would know. And who is anyone to judge?  Yet many do without knowing one single thing about the working mom they place judgment on. Forgive. Give them freedom to chase their dreams with their children right next to them? What better example could that be? Of course I have to add the husband there too because I love men and leaving men out just would be sac religious. I’m not a feminist.

If you are a working mother forgive others for the bondage they either have or have attempted to place on you. Forgive them for they know not what they do. They aren’t in your shoes! No one knows your real circumstance and heart except for you and the Lord. And if you have unforgiveness toward yourself for working; forgive yourself. Do it now! You do not want another day to go by where you are living in the bondage of your choices. That is not God’s best.

When you forgive your life will change. Forgive yourself for not being there for your children when you want to. Forgive yourself for being too tired to have sex with your husband because you worked and took care of the children. Forgive yourself for not thinking you are doing enough. Forgive yourself for comparing yourself to your neighbors who are stay at home mothers. Just forgive it all! You are worth it. Your level of forgiveness will change your interaction with your children, husband and everyone around.  Own the fact that you are a working woman and that if you are fine with it; that’s all you need to be. No apology necessary. It is your life after all.

It’s time as a society that the judgment and unforgiveness be removed toward the working mother. She is brilliant, dynamic, a sacrificer and sometimes the breadwinner. It’s time for both men and women come together in support of one another. It’s actually beyond time! We need to remain focused on what God would have for each of us and in the big scheme of things; it’s walking in love.  And of course forgiveness.