Forgiveness and the Stay at Home Mom

Mothers do so much for people yet it isn’t until we stop and reflect on it that we see it. Most stay at home mothers will agree! Some studies find that if calculated the average income for a stay at home mother would be over 100k; that’s if she were paid. But yet she is not. In today’s society there must be forgiveness for stay at home mothers.

Stay at home moms sacrifice so much of themselves yet it goes unnoticed by most in society.  When women are asked ‘what do you do’ and the reply is ‘I stay home with my children’ one can feel the judgment; even though some are probably secretly wishing that they could!  It’s later when stay at home moms later realize just how out of touch they are when it comes to finding a job in today’s world after the children are grown.  The ability to even have adult conversations can be overwhelming for some! This is why forgiveness is so vital.

So what do stay at home moms need and deserve forgiveness of?


1. Forgiveness for believing the lie they have nothing to offer.

2. Forgiveness for feeling guilty later in life for not reaching their dreams or goals.

3. Forgiveness for allowing others to treat them as less than a woman.

4. Forgiveness for not having all the right business tools and skills.

5. Forgiveness if they are not yet able to see the benefit of their sacrifice in their children.

6. Forgiveness of any guilt they have accepted to think that they were selfish, lazy, or entitled.

7. Forgiveness of any resentmentthey have had toward other mothers who are further along in their careers.

8. Forgiveness of the choice that perhaps they actually regret.

Stay at home moms are different than their counterparts of the working mom yet the are more alike if you pay close attention. Both moms need and deserve forgiveness for their sacrifice; because both are making sacrifices it’s just a matter of being able to live with the outcomes of them.

Stay at home moms contribute much to society; it just happens to be in the raising up of future generations and not themselves in their current generation. This can’t be ignored. If you have ignored that forgive yourself. And if you are a stay at home mom celebrate it. You have every reason to. If you haven’t yet forgiven yourself for where you are- do it now. And then relax because this too shall pass- and you don’t want to miss it.