Forgiveness and Medical Privacy

Sure we hear all the messages about people who forgave and how strong they are and we can all be inspired; but this story this takes the cake. It was reported that a woman in Ohio’s medical records were posted on Facebook.  Now not just any medical records. Nope. Her STD diagnosis was posted to facebook by Cincinnati’s UC Medical Center for the world to see.

An image of the diagnosis of was included in the post and as a result the woman is suing.  The lawsuit claims employees at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center posted the woman’s syphilis diagnosis, which included personal identifying information, on a page for the closed group “Team No Hoes,” reports reveal. The posting included derogatory comments about the woman, calling her a “hoe” and a “slut,” her attorney said.

The group that it was posted to has over 2,000 people in it that now know all her personal business.

The question is: could you forgive? Could you forgive the hospital for blabbing your STD to whomever it wants? Could you forgive Facebook for allowing it to be posted? Could your forgive yourself for even being on facebook in the first place? Could you forgive the person who gave you the STD in the first place? Could you forgive the people who have judged you all the while keeping their own STD’s quiet? Could you forgive yourself for trusting the doctors in the first place? Could you forgive the employee who deemed you invisible and unworthy and thought nothing of ruining your life?

Could you? Perhaps after you get a cool check for 10 million? But even then would you ever be able to forgive and move on? It’s something that perhaps you can’t answer until you are in that position. And on this day in the name of Jesus  I pray you never are.

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