Forgiveness and Judgment of Other Ministries

Being in ministry is not easy. It comes with a myriad of aspects and components that most wouldn’t think to recognize. Having a television ministry brings an additional level of components that most people don’t experience or deal with. The judgment upon those in ministry and television ministry is something that should not be in existence one to another in the body of Christ; yet it continues to increase. The Word is clear that a house divided cannot stand and right now the body of Christ is proving this to be true.

The judgment of other people in ministry brings dissent among the body. Recently; one pastor asked for financial assistance to purchase a new jet. Outrage has come upon that man for asking and it begs the question why?  The questions can be asked: 1) why is it your business what someone is asking for, 2) isn’t it an issue between that pastor, ministry and the Lord, 3) what relevance does it have to anything? See; someone judging someone else for anything doesn’t make you right. Then it leads to ask: what is in your heart that causes you to judge what others are asking for?  The ministry by the way already has an airplane and was reported to have flown over 4 Million miles. How many CEO’s can report that many miles flown to do their work? Can you claim that? I certainly can’t!

The other recent situation is between one pastor and an author who are now in legal action regarding who was the first to discover the blood moon phenomenon. Again  judgment and division is evident. People are coming against one another and in more and larger ways and until we start to see the bigger picture of it and stop; we will end up crumbling and for what? Judgment upon another? We are called to be the light of the world and when we aren’t others lose out.

Bottom line is this: when you allow judgment and critical thoughts of others in your heart it breeds.  Seek forgiveness and do it quick! You don’t want that in your heart. It reveals more about you than what you would ever want.  If you are one who has been blessed with a public ministry and you publicly speak negatively about those who are doing nothing more than asking as it reads in the Bible what  are you breeding? If you speak negatively about others who are bringing people to Christ then ask yourself what you sowing into your own congregation.  What thoughts are those people now thinking that they probably weren’t before. It doesn’t matter if it is about these  two situations or simply negative words spoken about anyone. It simply doesn’t. What you speak you are responsible for. And why get yourself into a situation where you are the one sowing discord among believers? Seek forgiveness and then regain your focus as it reads in Colassians 3:2 : ‘Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.’

God has something for you and when your focus is there you will see what God will do in your life and you won’t have to spend time focus what is going on in the lives of others or their ministries. It is a waste of time to get distracted by what others are or are not doing. It too is a distraction to then speak about it in a way that doesn’t uplift or give glory to God.

We are in a time now where unity in all things must be the foundation in the body of Christ. This is not the inclusion gospel but rather a demonstration that in we must stand united and keep a Jesus and His message focus.  Every single believer has a ministry regardless of the size. If you are a believer the moment you walk out your door you are in ministry. You have an assignment. My guess is that it isn’t to call out negative things of other ministries or to judge what is in their hearts; but rather to win souls for Christ. When that becomes your real focus you will close the door to judgment and unforgiveness and will open the way for love and forgiveness to reign.