Forgive the Money Trap

It’s something written about and talked about everywhere. No I’m not talking about not sex; not today. I’m talking about money money money. The focus on money. The acquisition of money is everywhere.  And in the end; people are broke. People are miserable.

A friend of mine shared with me a business conference where the attendees paid $500 for entrance to the event to listen to speakers who simply used their presentations to pitch them to think they needed to spend more money; because $500 wasn’t enough right?  The money trap is everywhere.  There is always someone somewhere wanting your money. Do you see it? Or do you just accept it’s life and give it freely?

If you are one who fell into the money trap it’s time to forgive. Forgive the system as it’s certainly set up for you to fail in the big scheme of things. Forgive yourself for falling into the money trap that you need a new ipod-every 6 months. Forgive yourself for falling into the trap that another new BMW lease will make you cool. Forgive yourself for trying to acquire wealth to impress women who still won’t be happy with all you have or have to offer. Forgive yourself for believing the lie that bigger breasts will get you a husband. Forgive the trap you fell into that got you to spend money you didn’t even need to in order to live a life you most likely aren’t loving!

Forgive yourself for falling into the trap of believing that the more money you have the more of a man or woman you will be.  That is a lie! The money in your bank account does not make you who you are. You may disagree yet it is written that it’s harder for a rich man to get into heaven. Shock right? Money doesn’t make you what you are- it just makes you more of what you already are!

Look in the mirror and reflect on who you are, where you are; and where you are going. Are you truly willing to sacrifice family, time; and your life to get money or more of it? In reality it’s not the money that people want- it’s the idea of the power it will get them and in the end those with more money still have issues. Those with real wealth recognize that it isn’t about proving to others that they are worthy because they grasp that their value isn’t based upon dollar signs. Do you see this?

Our society is filled with advertisements all to suck what you have earned right from your wallet; and without you even seeing it. And if you aren’t seeing it you won’t see it because it’s all set up to make you not see your money leave. Start using cash and you will have more money. Studies reveal that those who use debit cards spend 20% more on a monthly basis.  Don’t fall into the trap of money because in the end it will enslave you. If you are already enslaved; there is hope! Forgive it and yourself and get free.  There is nothing more freeing than being free of money and all it’s trappings!