Forgive the Fat

Summertime is almost here and with it comes shopping for that perfect bathing suit; as if there is such a thing. None never really fit all of what a woman’s needs are. There are those that just let the fat hang out here and there while providing lopsided coverage for this and that. It’s just so treacherous it makes you want to just eat a hot fudge triple sundae with three scoops, two cherries, some caramel and brownie with nuts infused with espresso. And that is where we need forgiveness folks.

See; the fat trap is there for everyone to fall into. I say it’s a trap because well; it is. There is so much focus on this diet, that diet; this new seed and that new drink that it’s beyond confusing. You can try this and it may not work for you yet your best friend lost 30 lbs and you just want to call her *(&*&*( but you know that’s not nice.  After all it’s not really her fault.

So what do you do? You forgive. Hugh? Yep. You forgive yourself for a myriad of things:

1- Forgive yourself for not being the size you used to be.  None of us are.

2- Forgive yourself for comparing yourself to others. You never know what is going on with others so don’t let that trap you.

3- Forgive yourself for what you did to get yourself where you are. There isn’t much in society that will set you up for success. Forgive yourself so you don’t feel worse as that only gives you more problems in the end to overcome. Say it with me: ‘I forgive myself for what I have done to myself. I am triumphant and can overcome those brownies, pizza and sitting.’ You are a conqueror you just may need a little reminding is all.

4- Forgive yourself for not eating foods that are living that you can pronounce. Much of the fat trap comes from non-foods. Eat living foods and you will feel alive and live longer. It will change your life in ways you can’t imagine!

We are all a work in progress and when this reality sinks in; it will change your life. You have the power to overcome the fat; where ever it is. For me; it was showing up on places I had no idea even existed! Seriously; do you have elbow fat? What is that?  While it was a long journey to not be mastered by fat I am excited to share with you that I can walk by a table full of desserts and not even be tempted. And guess what? You can too!

You can do it; I know you can. It only takes you making the choice to forgive yourself so that you are free to reign supreme in your life. Make today the day the day that you are the master of you and that no brownie or cupcake with fat controls you. After all; that’s the best treat you deserve that won’t settle on your waistline.