Could you Forgive Yourself for This?

There are stories about forgiveness. There are stories of unforgiveness. And then there is this. The story of a woman who attempted to kill her daughter. That is a story. The story of unforgiveness toward self is the part of the story that most don’t want to talk about. Kelli Stapleton can’t forgive herself for trying to kill her autistic daughter. Can you? If you were in her shoes what would you do?

Imagine for a moment your child. You love your child and as any parent experiences; there are days when you really just want to probably rip their heads off; or is that just your spouse? Probably both at some points! Of course it’s not literal just figuratively but handing the reality of the truth of the attempt is something most can’t grasp.

This is where forgiveness comes in to play.  Forgiveness is probably the hardest thing in life for people to face; the hardest to overcome. Forgiving people is one thing; and forgiving oneself is entirely different. So how do you do it? How do you come to a place of reconciliation internally?

1. Understand that forgiveness is a process.

2. Understand that forgiveness is part of healing.

3. Understand that each journey to and through forgiveness is unique for the individual.

4. Understand that forgiveness is for you.

People are not perfect. This should not be a surprise. Yes we all make mistakes and when we self judge we will never be free. If we hold unforgiveness toward others; we will never be free. This is not to minimize the mistakes that people make but rather to share that the journey to and through forgiveness is just that. A journey. It is coming to a place of recognizing that all fall short of the glory and this is why we need a savior. We cannot do it alone. We simply can’t. In the case of Kelli Stapleton my prayer is that she doesn’t allow unforgivevness to kill her as that would mean more lives are lost. And that my dear friends; would be too many for any of us to be witness to. So on this day; start accepting yourself. Accept the flaws and all. And then attempt to grasp this: there has never been a moment in your life that you have not been loved.