A Champion of Forgiveness

When it comes to forgiveness and history; school textbooks have it wrong. Gone are the stories of valor and real history. Even in some texts the Holocaust has been removed because it’s considered offense and in it’s place are the likes of Miley Cyrus and Beyonce in institutions such as Rutgers.  In such a time and place of this; we need to be reminded of heroes and not antics of those who enjoy the debauchery of their day all for self glorification. And today is the day for sharing forgiveness, history; and a hero not much talked about in today’s time. Wherever you are in the world you have your own hero. I’m sure those of you in Israel you won’t soon forget Har-Zion.

The story of Father Kapuan is one that every American should know. Emil Kapaun-priest, soldier and Korean War hero and one who exudes it. He was awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military award, and is considered by the Vatican for canonization as a saint. President Obama also recognized him for his service in 2013.   (https://www.youtube.com/embed/AZuPrQBSDCs) Now one does not need a Pope or president to declare one as a servant of the Lord; although the man made recognition is not one that most receive or experience.  It is wonderful that such accolades are bestowed upon someone who actually did something useful and for the advancement of his fellow man; and not just his own pocketbook at the cost of the consumer. We need to look at the character of such men and women today who stand up to be hero’s and not forget that being a real hero comes sacrifice. Father Kapaun time and time again sacrificed much; but for the gain much larger than even he may have recognized. The level of love and forgiveness in his heart is the purest example.

In reflection of the actions of this man he displayed love. He displayed courage. He displayed strength above all. In his sound mind he stood up to the enemy without fear. Psalm 118: 6 best references him: ‘The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?’

It is not possible to walk in love while being unforgiving. Father Kapaun understood this. He did all he did walking in love and forgiveness. He saved lives. He lived his life walking as a soldier of war but also a soldier for God.  What a man to be able to have lived doing both all the while leaving none behind; regardless of where or who they were.

So it is cause for question: Where are you today? What are you walking in? What choices are you making to better not only your life but of those around you? When you recognize what is in your heart you will see the power you have; to infect or impact.

Forgiveness and unforgiveness alike a revealed in every single one of us. There is no way to deny this. This man, this hero; Father Kapuan is a reflection of forgiveness and love. His life and story reveal it. What is yours? Is it what you want it to be? If not then make the change and make it so. Start with forgiveness so you can love- and then love some more. Be the hero that you were created to be!


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