Fat, Fat Shaming and Forgiveness

With the rise of bullying in schools and children’s lives; one may think the media may have more sense than to get involved in the fat shaming and bullying but apparently none are immune. When will forgiveness reign? When will we as a society stop focusing on what other people do and do not look like according to our own personal standards? When will the media start being a part of the solution instead of the problem?

The body image issues facing women are some that do not go away. If women are too skinny they are shamed.  If they gain weight they are shamed. The double standard of what women are able to look like is becoming more bi-polar and at record pace. I remember being bullied as a kid because of my weight; being too little than what most thought it should be. And now the most recent act of fat shaming is against Kelly Clarkson who recently gave birth. Comments made about her were to the effect she should eat less pizza. It would be fun to just see any man carry a baby to term and then give birth- and then try to get that figure back!   And then we wonder why young girls are starving themselves and committing suicide because of weight issues. Or perhaps we just don’t talk about that any more because it might be too offensive right?

Until we all stop focusing on what others look like and are or are not doing to focus on our own selves; we will continue to have problems. With the advancements of technology making it so easy to be mean doesn’t mean that we have to take advantage of.  What it means is that we can all take into consideration that we are accountable for our actions, behaviors, and thoughts. Matthew 12:36 makes it clear: ‘But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.’

The words you speak come from somewhere; most likely your heart and mind. What you allow to enter is what you breed. You can look around and if you pay close attention; you will see. It is that evident.  When you see the worst in others and judge and comment on it it reveals more about you than it does the other people.

Ask yourself what you are breeding and make the necessary changes. If you haven’t been what you should be; forgive yourself and move on. There is still time to be a blessing to those who may be struggling with their appearance. There is still time for you to recognize that you probably have areas of improvement in your life as we all do. And if you are in a public position; remember that you are held to a higher standard whether you like it or not. You have the power to the part of the change in others that will change their lives. Why not focus on something more important than how much someone else weighs? Why not focus on  the life that God has for you and get in line in that direction to be used for a much better purpose than putting others down. When we all live in that direction and remember that forgiveness changes lives; our hearts and lives will change as will the foundation for future generations. And isn’t that a much better use of time?