Experiencing the Ways of His Wisdom

It’s so funny how smart we all think we are. I remember the days thinking I was oh so intelligent until I got the revelation that in my ignorance I was just racing to gain more ignorance. Go figure! What’s amazing though is how we can experience the ways of His wisdom when we just out of our intellectual ways. To truly have a God experience will require laying down your intellect. Experiencing the ways of His wisdom come through seeking Him.

I was reading Kings 3 about the word Elisha spoke and how the kings listened to the word from the prophet. What a lesson- listen to the prophet when he speaks! But then I saw something that only God could do-and that even in my amount of intellect I could not begin to 1) do what God has done, 2) think high enough to do what God has done and still continues to do.


So the question is: are you limiting God by your intelligence? Has your intellect gotten in the way of God’s wisdom and what He can do in you, to you and through you? Get out of the way and let God be God- and then witness, experience and share it. The kings did and the water was red. They experienced miracles only delivered by God. Aren’t you ready for that too?


Today’s Scripture

Psalm 37:30 The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom, and their tongues speak what is just.


Forgiveness Tip #23

Forgiveness and unforgiveness alike are both lifestyles; it’s just one is of life.


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