Expanding Your Territory Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a process and an event; it’s twofold. It will occur many times in your life if you are willing to be obedient to the Lord. Additionally; you will experience expanded territory through forgiveness. Let me explain;

When you choose to forgive; which not forgiving too is a choice you are overcoming your flesh for something greater than your feelings about what someone did or didn’t do you that you may or may not agree with that wasn’t exactly what anyone else would think. You are laying it down at the foot of the cross. And what happens? God can use you and in bigger ways.

The prayer by Jabez was incredible because of its simplicity: bless me and expand my territory. Brilliant! Yet here is the thing: if you are not experiencing that after you have prayed that effective prayer there is a reason. And most likely a situation of unforgiveness or bitterness is related. The Lord cannot expand territory of an unforgiver. Why? Well; 1) it’s His Kingdom and reputation that you would be diminishing, 2) you choice to not be obedient in forgiving won’t be rewarded, 3) people don’t like being around unforgiving, angry, resentful, bitter people- trust me on that one! And because God is a just God and His Word reigns supreme in commanding us to forgive there are rewards and consequences with each choice we choose to make. Forgive and receive expanded territory and blessings. Don’t want that- then don’t forgive. It’s really that simple yet probably one of the hardest things you will ever do; or at least it was for me.

And so here is the most beautiful image of how this works: Jesus. You see His life on earth was filled with territory right? He walked everywhere, spoke with people, taught, healed, broke bread; performed miracles, casted out demons and on it went. He did it wherever He was. He did it in the territory that was His at the time He did it. But then look what took place:

Jesus completed the call on His life. He died for your sins and for mine. Whether you agree does not change the Truth of what He did. And on that cross he prayed ‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’ and after His death His territory expanded even more! It was His obedience and His own level of forgiveness that set the example; none other. So when people say that this is unrealistic or not doable well sure- this isn’t for the weak. Jesus was not weak and the Bible tells us clearly that ‘when’ you have struggles and not ‘if’ so it’s not a surprise that it’s not easy. It is realistic because the way has been made. And guess what? God’s Word does not give commands without a person having the ability to deliver. God does not set up people for failure; oh no He provides all the tools that people need in order to grow and expand His Kingdom. Just like Jesus.

And so if you want your territory expanded; to live the full and God call on your life it will require forgiveness. It will require you to get over yourself and know that He who is greater made the way; and that you can forgive. You just have to align your mind with God’s Word is all. When you do this then you will begin to see what God does; and you will experience it- trust me on that too. God is a good God and has a full life for you because He doesn’t hold back any good thing. So the question is: are you ready to get it? Are you ready to lay down the unforgiveness and have it replaced with more of Him operating in you, to you and through you; with expanded Kingdom? I certainly hope so as there is nothing like it in the world. ┬áThere is nothing like following in the path of Jesus and knowing that God loved His Son so much that He became the freedom for you to live beyond what you could imagine. So get on the path today and expand your territory for His Kingdom; and while you still can.

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