Are You Equipped?

Of course you think you are right. You have the latest knee high boots just in time for fall and are already preparing for Spring 2014 fashions. You already have the new 2014 Tahoe picked out and are ready. Yes; equipped you are.

The thing is that that isn’t what I am asking about. Who cares about all that stuff. The bigger picture is what I challenge you to look at. With the government shut down things are different. Sure it may not seem like it in your city; although reports from those in DC tell a different story.

What are you doing now to take precautions just in case? The Truckers to Shut Down America rally is this weekend which means that there may be a slow in food delivery to your local grocery store. If you are on who only buys what you need on a daily basis or every couple of days what would your plan be if you can’t what you need? Being out of toilet paper could be a big bummer; especially if you have kids.

If you are not saving any of your income because you believe it just won’t happen to you; take a look around you. It’s probably not unlikely that someone in your neighborhood thought the same thing. How much money are you setting aside? And not in the stock market either. How much money do you have in savings in cash? How much do you save in your savings account or your mattress bank? I learned years ago when I went to withdraw money from my credit union and they told me the servers were down and I couldn’t get any of it; that I needed a better plan. Perhaps you do too.

Are you so busy sharing with your world of facebook wanna be friends about your travel plans to gain self glory that you don’t stop to think that you just blasted to everyone to come rob you because you aren’t there?

Are you prepared in case you are attacked while driving like the family in NYC? It’s obvious that the police aren’t your friend when they are the ones doing the attacking right? Just take a look at Wojciech Broszczok and you will clearly know.

I came across this website that provides much to think about without a doubt! It definitely opened my eyes to things that I need to be mindful of as I go about living my life.

You see; being equipped isn’t about being a fanatic about anything. It’s about being wise. ‘be prepared in season and out of season’ 2Tim 4:2 tells us. It’s about the change in thinking. It’s about looking up when walking instead of staring down at a phone. It’s about making sure you are taking responsibility for yourself at all times. It’s pretty clear that your government won’t be any time soon. This means it’s up to you.