Emotional Healing Through Forgiveness

It’s incredible to live in a country with people who suffer from emotional and mental conditions at alarming rates.  More people than ever before are being treated for numerous disorders at alarming rates. It’s estimated that 90% of suicides are by those who suffered. The emotional state of people is out of control. Issues of anger, rage, mental torment, thoughts of suicide, bitterness, resentment; shall I go on? These such issues cause problems. And- they cause problems that medication simply cannot heal. The good news is that emotional issues and problems can be healed simply through forgiveness.

You see; in the Bible you may notice something of interest;  God never reacted. Jesus didn’t either. Neither of them were living in outbursts of rage, hostility toward people; yet one could argue they would have good reason right?  And yet they were stable; in all things regardless of what surrounded them. And this is where we must get to. Peace in living in all things.

We must get to a place of not allowing ourselves to live in such states of disarray. We cannot be duped any longer by living  by our emotions because in the long run it only leads to death. How could it possibly lead to anything other than that?

If you are being led by your emotions you are probably living on a roller coaster ride; hating Trump or hating the protesters all the while the media fuels the fire that is burning you. Let it be clear on both sides of the political fence are bitterness, hatred, hostility and unforgiveness. There is no way to change the past although there is a way to be free from it. And that is through forgiveness. You may be living in the torment of what your parents have done to you or what your spouse may have done; or that you weren’t good enough for the NFL or wasn’t quite the Cowboys cheerleader and all the things that come with the areas of life.  Maybe you were passed over for the promotion that should have been yours; except your anger got the better of you and others saw it. It ruined your chances.  It’s time to grasp the reality that going forward requires forgiveness more than a cover up.

You see; medication isn’t a cure all. No amount of pharmaceutical drugs will truly reach your heart; your soul for life change. (and I am not saying stop taking your medication) No they just cover them up and when you can’t afford them anymore you will still be what you are. So what is that that you really are? I ask you on this day- what really are you? And who do you want to be? The peaceful, stable, loving person who cares for others and wants to see the good in people? What is keeping you from getting there? Nothing that you can’t handle.

When you see that today’s society is fully in play on your emotions things will change. The goal is to steal you from being able to think, to spend your money properly; to love and to forgive others and yourself. It’s really that simple. So long as you are trapped into being the wretched ignorant crazy person living paycheck to paycheck with no disposable income then you are right where they want you. The eye catching ads of everything to manipulate you into thinking that you actually need that and that your life will be better. No it wont. The manipulated video clips the media plays repeatedly to program your thinking will not free you. Anything that you allow to cause your emotions to be stirred is not of God. Remember Jesus was not reactionary in anything and look at what He endured. If you claim to be His follower then don’t be surprised the attacks would come to you too.

I didn’t know just how out of control my emotions were when I lived in unforgiveness. I didn’t know I was angry. I had no clue. I was hurt and that hurt was released in a variety of ways. Many I had no clue about. And you probably don’t either. You may excuse by saying ‘Oh I’m Italian’ or something like ‘Oh that Irish temper’ when in fact that is not true at all! There are plenty of calm Italians and Irish; so if you are not then why not?

The Bible commands ‘Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret—it leads only to evil.’ (Psalm 37:8) It continues also to read in Hebrews, ‘See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.’ (12:15 NIV) There is always something for us to do in order to achieve all that God has in store. It does require us to be like His Son Jesus. And in doing so it is not being deceived, led by our emotions; and carrying on like crazy people or zombies. 

As you make the choice to forgive your life will change. What I can tell you personally is that my eye color changed, my voice changed and my thoughts of my mother changed. I hated her for many years and now I love her like Jesus does. She is a child of God and for me to have fury toward her simply is not of God. It was a process although a process of release of the emotional turmoil and torment that I lived in for many years.

What I also can tell you is that most have no clue the depths of how to handle it. It’s not their fault though. The professionals are not trained in overcoming emotional issues through forgiveness and I didn’t know that either; because I didn’t know unforgiveness was my issue. And so if you want healing to the full it will require a way that once was conventional that now is considered extreme; yeah the Bible. Go figure that what works is demonized but these are the days and times we are in. 

When you go before the Lord to deal with your forgiveness ask Him to heal your emotions, to remove the pain, the torment, the bitterness, the resentment, the rage, the hurt, the hostility, the indignation, the tears and then ask Him to fill you with His Holy Truth. Ask Him to remove the emotional flow of all those things to you and you will feel release. You will feel the chains drop. You will feel the flow of all things not of God. You will feel above all the healing and the presence of God Himself. And through that one act of obedience your life will forever be changed. And then when you are through with that; ask Him to bless those who have hurt you; and again your life will change through that one act of obedience. The best part; no pills, no copay. Nothing but you and God.

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